[Cornmeal crepes]_The common practice of cornmeal crepes_The practice of cornmeal crepes_How to make cornmeal crepes

The results are as follows: amine, amine, acetone, acetone, acetone, acetone, acetone, acetone, acetone, acetone, acetone, acetone, acetone, acetone, acetone, etc.タ瑕佷竴璧峰垎浜紝澶у鍙互澶氬涓€涓嬪帹鎴块噷闈㈢殑鎵嬭壓锛屽啀鍒欏鍚冧簲璋锋潅绮兘澶熷己韬仴浣擄紝鍦ㄥ仛鐨勮繃绋嬩腑涓€瀹氳娉ㄦ剰鐏€欙紝鍚﹀垯瀹规槗澶辫触鍝︼紒1銆佸噯澶囧ソ鏉愭2 銆 丸 紑 姑 廑 姑 廑 傑傑 小 姏 嫏 髏 郏 髏 鎷 庋 庴 鍒 嗘  锷 史 叆 尀 區區 雒 半 夊 将 Are there any common problems?What are you talking about? What are you talking about? What are you talking about?銆佸钩搴曢攨鎻愬墠棰勭儹锛屼粠闈㈠洟涓婂垎鍑鸿泲榛勫ぇ灏忕殑闈㈠洟5銆佸乏鎵嬪彸鎵嬫崲鐫€鎷嶆垚钖勮杽鐨勯ゼ鐘?规补锛岀洿鎺ユ斁涓婄厧锛岀洿镊充袱闱㈠嚭鐜扮剑榛勫嚭阌咃纴鎴戝阌呯敤浜嗘湁鍗佸垎阍熷乏鍙冲嚭涓€閿?TOWER Huo Zhang – Welding ﹀ Zhang Xi Pangjingyangdan ease up Fuhongwasheng ︼ Jie Lang pet  pot ュ Hanbenhanan Juanqiangshiguo Fengzuibenyen Meichenbiantuan Yueduoxinguo hydrogen Wanfupeiwang Tiyixiahuan宠偞鏄汉闂翠竴澶х編浜嬶紝鐜夌背闈㈣杽楗煎仛娉曠畝鍗曪紝鍙栨潗鏂逛究锛屼笉濡ㄥ鍚冦€?

[Slimming Dinner Recipes]_Slimming Dinner_How to Make_How to Make

[Slimming Dinner Recipes]_Slimming Dinner_How to Make_How to Make

Everyone thinks that if you want to lose weight, you ca n’t eat dinner. In fact, this is wrong. Reasonably arranging dinner can make you eat more and more lean.Overeat.

First, mixed vegetable pot materials: cabbage, corn, taro, lettuce, enoki mushroom, shiitake mushroom, tofu, tomato, wolfberry, ginger, and salt.

Method: (1) Wash and cut the vegetables, boil the water, and put the Chinese wolfberry and ginger together.

(2) When the water is boiled again, pour in corn, taro, enoki mushroom, shiitake mushroom, tofu, tomato.

(3) It is best to pour the cabbage and lettuce together and cook with appropriate salt and season.

Second, chicken salad ingredients: chicken, fresh vegetables, carrots, salt, cooking wine, pepper, salad dressing, sesame oil, bread bran each amount.

Method: (1) Wash and chop the chicken, wash and peel the carrots, and chop the fresh vegetables.

(2) Put chicken puree and carrot puree together in a container, add appropriate amount of salt, cooking wine, pepper, salad dressing, sesame oil, and stir together.

(3) Heat the pan and pour the oil. Spoon a small piece of chicken puree on bread crumbs and put in the pan to fry.

(4) Put the chicken pieces in a plate with fresh vegetables, pour in an appropriate amount of salad dressing and stir well before serving.

Third, how to eat dinner to be healthy 1, do not eat too late and dinner too late can cause insulin disease, and it is easy to suffer from urinary tract stones.

Some of the calcium in the dinner food is absorbed and utilized by the small intestine, and the other part is excreted into the urinary tract.

People’s peak calcium excretion is usually after a meal 4?
5 hours, if the dinner is too late (90 o’clock in the evening), when the peak of calcium excretion arrives, the person will be asleep, and the urine will stay in the urinary tract, causing the calcium in the urine to continuously increase and deposit to form small crystals.Gradually expand the formation of urinary tract stones.

Studies show that eating dinner early (around six o’clock in the evening) can greatly reduce the incidence of urinary tract stones.

Eating dinner early is a good health policy recommended by medical experts to people.

2. Do n’t eat too much. You should add as much fresh vegetables as possible to dinner, reduce too much protein, and intake of trace foods. 3. Do n’t eat too much. As the saying goes, “Less than one supper, live to ninety-nine.
“Dinner must be quantified. It is better to eat less. Don’t overeating so as not to damage your stomach.

It is clinically found that overeating at dinner can easily cause the following symptoms: make people fat.

(2) The colorectal cancer is too full for dinner, the protein in the food cannot be completely digested, and the rest is still in the body. Under the action of bacteria, it will produce toxic substances.

During sleep, the bowel wall moves slowly, and the toxin stays in the body for a longer time, which easily causes colorectal cancer.

(3) Neurasthenia TCM believes that stomach discomfort is restless, and dinner is full, which will inevitably cause the body.

[How to make green chili fried leek?】 _How to_Daquan Practice

銆 愰 潚 女 厔 厰 寰 寰 儰 寰 寰 寰 免 寍 許 庝 箞 锅 Pan 犆 抱 悡 炍 綍 歘 锅 氭 硶 澶 у 叏
It’s a bit of a ring, and it’s a bit of a bit of trouble. It’s a bit of a ring chain.You can’t help each other, you can’t help each other, you can’t help each other, you can’t help each other, you can’t talk to each other, you can’t help each other, you can’t help each other.It ‘s a big deal, it ‘s a big deal, it ‘s a big deal, it ‘s a big deal, it ‘s a big deal, it ‘s a lot of fun, it ‘s so good楃倰鍚冿紝闈掓鐐掗煭鑿滄€庝箞鍋氾紵鎺ヤ笅鏉ユ垜浠潵鐪嬬湅鍚с€備竴.闈掓鐐掗煭鑿滄€庝箞鍋氾紵闈掓锛屽師浜т腑鍗楃編娲茬儹甯﹀湴鍖猴紝涓浗浜?00澶氬勾鍓嶅紩鍏ワ紝鐜板叏鍥藉悇鍦版櫘閬嶆牻鍩广€傚畠鐨勭淮鐢熺礌C鍚噺鏄暘鑼勫惈閲忕殑7~15鍊嶏紝鍦ㄨ敩鑿滀腑鍗犻浣嶃€傚畠鐗规湁鐨勫懗閬撴湁鍒烘縺鍞炬恫鍒嗘硨鐨勪綔鐢紱鎵€鍚殑杈f绱犺It ‘s very difficult to get a good idea. It ‘s the best way to do it. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s very important. It ‘s very effective. It ‘s very difficult to learn.Sorry for breaking down the girl?00g?00g銆佽皟鍜屾补閫傞噺銆侀鐩愰€傞噺銆傜児楗楠わ細1.闊彍鍜岄潚妞掓礂鍑€澶囩敤銆?.What are you talking about? What are you talking about?.Do you want to make a note?.鍔犻€傞噺鐩愬叆鍛炽€?。鍔犻煭鑿溿€?。锷 犵 洂 蹇  倰 銆?.Sorry, you’re so happy?.涓€鍒嗛挓鍐呭嚭閿呫€備簩.I’m so sorrowful, I’m in a fear.闃抽煭鑿滄€ф俯锛屽懗杈涳紝鍏锋湁琛ヨ偩澹槼鐨勪綔鐢紝鏁呭彲鐢ㄤ簬缂撹В鍜屾敼鍠勯槼鐥裤€侀仐绮剧瓑鐥囥€?銆佸寮洪娆查煭鑿滃惈鏈夋尌鍙戞€х簿娌瑰強纭寲鐗╃瓑鐗规畩鎴愬垎锛岃兘鏁e彂鍑轰竴绉嶇嫭鐗圭殑杈涢姘斿懗锛屾湁鍔╀簬鐤忚皟鑲濇皵锛屽叿鏈夊杩涢娆层€佸寮烘秷鍖栫殑鍔熻兘銆?銆佽姘旀暎鐦€闊彍鐨勫懗鐢樸€佽緵锛屽叿鏈夋暎鐦€瑙f瘨銆佽姘旂悊琛€鐨勪綔鐢紝瀵规敼鍠勮穼鎵撴崯浼ゃ€佸弽鑳冦€佽偁鐐庛€佸悙琛€銆佽兏鐥涚瓑鏈変竴瀹氱殑杈呭姪鐤楁晥銆?銆佷繚娓╀綔鐢ㄩ煭鑿滄€ф俯锛屽洜姝ゆ湁淇濇俯浣滅敤锛岃繕鑳藉杩涗綋鍔涖€佷績杩涜娑插惊鐜€傛€曞喎銆佹墜鑴氬啺鍐枫€佷笅鑵瑰喎銆佽叞閰告垨鏈堢粡杩熸潵鐨勫コ鎬у彲浠ュ鍚冦€備笁.闊彍钀ュ吇浠峰€奸煭鑿滃惈鏈夎泲鐧借川銆佽剛鑲€佺硸绫汇€佽儭钀濆崪绱犮€佺淮鐢熺礌B2銆佺淮鐢熺礌C銆佺淮鐢熺礌E銆佽喅椋熺氦缁淬€侀挋銆侀晛銆侀攲銆侀摐銆侀敯銆佺銆侀挻绛夈€傞煭鑿滅殑鑳¤悵鍗滅礌鐨勫惈閲忔瘮鑳¤悵鍗滆繕瑕侀珮锛屽苟鍚湁鑳芥潃鑿屾秷姣掔殑鎶楃敓绱犮€?

[Can pregnant women drink locust honey water]_Pregnancy_Can you drink

[Can pregnant women drink locust honey water]_Pregnancy_Can you drink

We know that Huaihua Nectar is a very special kind of honey, known as the treasure of honey. It has a unique taste and the unique honey taste of Huaihua itself.

Pregnant women cannot eat freely after pregnancy, especially not to eat greasy and spicy foods, but girls can drink honey water, especially locust honey, during pregnancy. It is good for pregnant women’s health and can help pregnant women recover more quickly after giving birth.

So, how do pregnant women drink locust honey water?

1. Huaihua nectar is a health food. As a more precious honey, it has the effects of dehumidification and diuresis, cooling blood to stop bleeding, clearing heat and replenishing, detoxifying and moisturizing. It can help calm the mind, improve the mood of worry and anxiety, and it can be effective.Improve upset of insomnia.

Huaihua nectar also contains locust polysaccharides and volatile oils, which can be antibacterial and antiseptic, clear heat and detoxify, and have antitussive effects.

2. For ordinary pregnant women, locust nectar can promote digestion and absorption, increase appetite, calm and sleep, improve body resistance, and play a positive role in promoting the growth and development of infants and young children. It can also effectively prevent pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome, pregnancyAnemia, pregnancy with hepatitis and other diseases.

It can also effectively prevent constipation and hemorrhoid bleeding.

3. For pregnant women with constipation, it is generally best to drink locust nectar, which has a bowel and laxative effect, especially when mixed with potato juice, the effect is more obvious, the method is very simple, the operation is also very convenient, and it is good for pregnant women and fetuses.No diabetes, very safe.

The method is as follows: 150 grams of potatoes are peeled and squeezed. After cooking, add 2 tablespoons of locust nectar and mix well. Once a day, the effect is good.

4, the lowest, from the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, Huaihua nectar is cold, hot mothers are suitable to drink Huaihua nectar, especially those mothers with high blood pressure and high blood pressure, drink 1 cup of Huaihua honey water each morning and nightIt is very beneficial, because the potassium in honey has the effect of draining sodium after entering the human body, and can maintain the electrolyte balance in the blood.

[Notes on fasting diet]_Recommended diet

[Notes on fasting diet]_Recommended diet

  Everyone loves beauty, especially some female friends.

Special attention is paid to the appearance of the individual.

However, due to the failure to develop a normal diet or a good habit of regular exercise in the daily life, the uncle’s constant deposition resulted in a small belly problem. Female friends reached the effect of losing weight and began to fast.It is a wrong method to lose weight, which is very harmful to oneself. There are a lot of precautions that need everyone’s attention.

  First of all, the first fasting method to lose weight is the banana fasting method. This method does not limit the number of bananas you eat. During the weight loss, everyone can eat bananas.

Banana is supplemented with a very rich amount of incremental fiber that can be absorbed by itself, which helps to improve the initial digestion ability and promote the rapid decomposition of fatty substances, but the potassium element in bananas is very high, so it can replace nephritis and renal insufficiency.Try not to eat bananas, friends may worsen their illness.

  The second method of fasting and losing weight is clear water to lose weight. Female friends can drink a lot of water during weight loss. Do not eat anything. It is recommended that everyone drink more than 2500ml a day. Drinking hot water can also help the body’s metabolism and replenish energy.Will increase their satiety and control appetite, but friends with renal insufficiency do not recommend this method to lose weight.

  The third method to lose weight is apple fasting diet.

This is also the most common way to lose weight. You can eat one apple each morning, night, and evening, or you can eat one or two more according to your individual appetite.

When eating apples, you must pay attention to eating with the skin. The nutritional value of the apple skin is also very high. It can help your own excess body and also enhance your physical fitness.

[How to regulate the mentality]_Reconciliation mentality_Methods_Methods_How to do

[How to regulate the mentality]_Reconciliation mentality_Methods_Methods_How to do

Stress is everyone’s, even a child will have some psychological stress due to learning. When there is stress, it will not be a problem to properly adjust your mentality, but if it is not in the face of stressKnowing how to adjust your mentality, it is easy to have some psychological problems, so how to adjust the mentality when there is specific pressure will be analyzed here.

Relax when you are stressed.

Life is an aimless journey. In fact, don’t put too much pressure on yourself, just live a little bit.

Learn to relax when facing stress at work and life.

We can put work aside first, and we can set aside things at home.

Take a simple trip.

All troubles and unhappiness are thrown out of the clouds, and we will not think about those troublesome things on the journey.

And we will increase our knowledge and open our horizons during the journey.

This is a good choice for adjusting your mindset.

Talk to friends and relatives.

In fact, when we encounter difficulties and frustrations, we must remember that our family will always be our port of call.

The warmth at home will melt the cold outside.

Of course, friends who are caring can spit out bitter water, and friends can cry with you and laugh together.

The so-called “rely on parents at home and friends on the go.”


[Can stomach acid eat cherries?】 _Chelizi_Can you eat

妯辨閾佸厓绱犵殑鍚噺鏄潪甯稿鐨勶紝灏ゅ叾鏄传琛€鐨勪汉锛岀粡甯稿悆钁¤悇鏄彲浠ョ紦瑙h传琛€鐨勭棁鐘讹紝鑰屼笖杩樺彲浠ュ寮轰汉韬綋鐨勮韩浣撶礌璐紝濡傛灉瀹濆疂缁忓父鍚冩案娑涜繕鍏锋湁鍋ヨ剳鐩婃櫤鐨勪綔鐢紝浣嗘槸妯辨钀ュ吇浠峰€奸珮锛屽苟涓嶆槸浠讳綍浜洪兘閫傚悎鍚冩ū妗冿紝鑳冮吀杩囧鐨勪汉鏄彲浠ュ悆妯辨鐨勶紝浣嗘槸涓€娆℃€у崈涓囦笉瑕佸悆寰楀お澶氫簡銆傞鐢ㄦū妗冩椂瑕佹敞鎰忎粈涔?涓婄伀鑰呮厧椋燂細妯辨鎬ц川娓╃儹锛屾甯镐汉濡傛灉涓€娆℃€ц繃閲忛鐢ㄥ彲寮曡捣涓婄伀鐨勭棁鐘躲€備笂鐏€呮槸涓嶈兘鍚冩ū妗冪殑锛屼互鍏嶅姞閲嶄笂鐏殑鐥囩姸銆備綋璐ㄦ箍鐑€呮厧椋燂細妯辨鍛抽亾鐢樼敎鎬ц川娓╃儹锛屼汉浣撹繘椋熷悗鏈夊姪婀跨儹鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ€傛箍鐑綋璐ㄨ€呭钩鏃朵笉鑳藉悆妯辨锛屼互鍏嶆伓鍖栨箍鐑殑浣撹川鑰屽嵄瀹冲仴搴枫€傞槾铏氱儹鐩涜€呮厧椋燂細妯辨鍛崇敇鎬ф俯锛屾敮姘旂鐐庛€佹敮姘旂鎵╁紶鎴栬偤缁撴牳绛夐槾铏氱儹鐩涜€呭钩鏃朵笉鑳藉悆妯辨锛屼互鍏嶆伓鍖栧共鍜冲皯鐥版垨鐥板娴撶绛夌棁鐘讹紝涓嶅埄浜庣柧鐥呯殑娌荤枟鍜屽悍澶嶃€傜硸灏跨梾鎮h€呭皯鍚冿細妯辨鍛抽亾鐢樼敎锛屽瘜鍚硸鍒嗭紝浜轰綋杩涢鍚庡彲浣胯绯栨€ラ€熷崌楂樸€傜硸灏跨梾鎮h€呭垏鍕夸竴娆℃€ц繃澶氶鐢ㄦū妗冿紝浠ュ厤浣胯绯栭鍗囷紝涓嶅埄浜庣梾鎯呯殑绋冲畾鍜屾不鐤椼€傝偩鐥呮偅鑰呭皯鍚冿細姣忎竴鐧惧厠妯辨涓惈鏈夐珮杈?58 傢 還 間 鍄 鍄 鍄 鍵 鍵 鍏 鍏 勏 顏 勏 顏 參 參 參 參 參 叩 參 參 參 參 參 參 叅 台 堰 堰 : According to the number of rivers and rivers, the river, the river, the river, the river, the river, the world, the father, the key, the problem, the crash, and the crash.I am afraid of the cliffs, and I am afraid that you will be able to distinguish them from each other, and you will be able to distinguish them from each other, and you will be able to find out how to do it in detail.戦珮琛€閽剧棁鐘躲€傚皬瀛╁皯鍚冿細灏忓鐢熼暱钃媰涓斿彂鑲茶繀閫燂紝琚腑鍖诲璁や负灞炰簬绾槼浣撹川銆傜函闃充綋璐ㄧ殑灏忓骞虫椂涓€瀹氳灏戝悆妯辨锛屼互鍏嶄激瀹宠嚜甯︾殑绾槼浣撹川鑰屾姂鍒惰嚜韬殑鐢熼暱鍜屽彂鑲层€傜┖鑵规椂蹇岄锛氭ū妗冨瘜鍚灉鑳跺拰鍙憾鎬у厓绱狅紝浜轰綋绌鸿吂鏃惰儍閰告祿搴﹀緢楂樸€傚鏋滃湪绌鸿吂鏃惰繘椋熸ū妗冿紝寰堝鏄撲娇妯辨涓殑鏋滆兌鍜屽彲婧舵€у厓绱犱笌楂樻祿搴﹁儍閰哥粨鍚堢敓鎴愭棤娉曡浜轰綋娑堝寲鍜屽惛鏀剁殑娌夋穩锛屾渶缁堝紩璧疯吂娉荤瓑娑堝寲涓嶈壇鐨勭棁鐘躲€備笉鍚冨甫鏍告ū妗冿細妯辨鐨勬牳涓惈鏈夋鞍鐢欑墿璐紝浜轰綋杩涢鍚庝細姘磋В鎴愭湁姣掓垚鍒嗘阿姘伴吀銆傚皯閲忚繘椋熸ū妗冩牳涓嶄細寮曡捣鏄庢樉鐥囩姸锛岃繃澶氶鐢ㄥ彲鍙戠敓椋熺墿涓瘨銆傛墍浠ュ湪鍚冩ū妗冩椂锛屼竴瀹氳鍚愭帀妯辨鏍搞€備笉杩囬噺椋熺敤锛氭ū妗冩槸涓€绉嶆€ц川娓╃儹鐨勬按鏋滐紝浜轰綋涓€娆℃€ц繃閲忛鐢ㄥ緢瀹规槗寮曡捣鐗欓緢鑲跨棝鎴栧彛鑵旀簝鐤$瓑涓婄伀鐥囩姸锛屾瘡娆¢鐢ㄦū妗冧互涓嶈秴杩囧崄绮掍负浣炽€傛ū妗冨懗鐢樻€ф俯锛屽瘜鍚硸鍒嗐€侀捑銆佹灉鑳跺拰鍙憾鎬у厓绱狅紝涓旀ū妗冩牳涓惈鏈夋阿鐢欑墿璐ㄣ€傛垜浠湪椋熺敤妯辨鏃朵竴瀹氳娉ㄦ剰锛氫笂鐏€呫€佷綋璐ㄦ箍鐑€呭拰闃磋櫄鐑洓鑰呭繉椋燂紝绯栧翱鐥呮偅鑰呫€佽偩鐥呮偅鑰呭拰灏忓瑕佸皯鍚冿紝绌鸿吂鏃跺繉椋燂紝Quite contemplative, discerning, and recognizing: Do you come back?

[How to take vitamin c]_ vitamin c_ benefits _ how to eat

銆 愮 淮 鐢 禺 礌 c Picks up 宝 箞 The chain is rugged, 銆 漱 缁 缁 inch 緓 緘 焘 _ 揂 擇 _ picks 宝 箞 钖?
Insects are slippery and slippery. They are very busy. They are very good. Neither are they good. Could you please tell me how to do it?It ‘s very easy to use it to make your own choices. It ‘s very easy to find the best way to do it. You ca n’t do it. You ca n’t do it. You ca n’t do it at all.柟娉曘€?(1)瑕佹寜鐓х敓鐞嗗墏閲忔湇鐢紝姝ゅ墏閲忔瘨鎬у緢灏忋€傝嫢杩囬噺鍙f湇鍒欎細鍑虹幇鍙嶉吀銆佽儍閮ㄤ笉閫傘€佹伓蹇冨憰鍚愶紝浠ヨ嚧鑵圭棝銆佽吂娉荤瓑娑堝寲閬撶値鐥囥€佹簝鐤$瓑鑽簮鎬х柧鐥呫€傞暱鏈熷ぇ閲忔湇鐢ㄧ淮鐢熺礌C锛屽彲鍑虹幇娉屽翱绯荤粺鑽夐吀鐩愮粨鐭炽€侀珮閽欒鐥囥€侀珮灏块吀琛€鐥囥€佺棝椋庢€у叧鑺傜値;鍎跨鍙紩璧疯蒋楠ㄧ棁;娉ㄥ皠缁欒嵂鍋跺皵鍙杩囨晱鍙嶅簲銆?2) The chains are very rugged, and the chains are very effective. They are very hot. They are very hot. They are very hot. They are very good. 12绂诲瓙鐨勫惛鏀躲€備絾瑕佹敞鎰忔偅鏈夋秷鍖栭亾婧冪枴鐨勭梾浜烘渶濂戒笉鐢ㄦ垨鎱庣敤锛屼互鍏嶅婧冪枴闈㈣繘琛屽埡婵€锛屽鑷存簝鐤℃伓鍖栥€佸嚭琛€鎴栫┛瀛斻€?(3)澶ч噺鏈嶇敤缁寸敓绱燙鍚庝笉鍙獊鐒跺仠鑽€傚洜涓虹獊鐒跺仠鑽細寮曡捣鑽墿鐨勬垝鏂弽搴旓紝浣垮潖琛€鐥呮垨鍏朵粬鐥呭姞閲嶆垨澶嶅彂銆傚簲閫愭笎鍑忛噺鐩磋嚦瀹屽叏鍋滆嵂锛屾垨閲囩敤鑽墿鏇挎崲鐤楁硶锛岀‘淇濈柧鐥呯ǔ瀹氳€屼笉澶嶅彂鍔犻噸銆?4) I can’t read it through the chain or the chain is very rugged, and I can’t read it. It’s very hot. It’s hard to read it, I’m going to read it, I’m so happy, I’m so happy, I’m so happy.鍑洪栨帓鍑娇灏跨硸鍛堝亣闃虫€у弽搴旓紝鏈夌绯栧翱鐥呯殑璇婃柇鍙婇檷绯栬嵂鐨勪娇鐢ㄣ€?5)闇€闀挎湡鏈嶇敤闃垮徃鍖规灄鐨勬偅鑰呰琛ュ厖缁寸敓绱燙銆?6)缁寸敓绱燙涓嶅疁涓庡紓鐑熻偧銆佺:鑳虹被鑽€佹皑鑼剁⒈銆侀摼闇夌礌銆侀潚闇夌礌绛夎嵂鐗╁悎鐢紝浼氫娇涓婅堪鑽墿鍥犻吀鎬х幆澧冭€岀枟鏁堥檷浣庢垨澶辫触銆?(7)缁寸敓绱燙瀵圭淮鐢熺礌B12鏈夌牬鍧忎綔鐢紝涓庨樋鍙稿尮鏋楄偁婧剁墖鍚堢敤锛屼細鍔犻€熷叾鎺掓硠鑰岄檷浣庣枟鏁堛€傚彾閰镐笌缁寸敓绱燙鍚堢敤涔熶細鍑忓急鍚勮嚜鐨勪綔鐢紝鑻ユ不鐤楄传琛€蹇呴』浣跨敤鏃讹紝鍙棿闅斾娇鐢紝涓嶅緱鍚屾椂鏈嶇敤銆?

[How to make the stewed soup of yam noodles?】 _How to do_Homely practice

This is an easy-to-use, easy-to-use, simple, easy-to-use, detailed, detailed, detailed, detailed, detailed, detailed, detailed, detailed, detailed, detailed, detailed, detailed, detailed, detailed, detailed, detailed, detailed, and detailed information.I ‘m going to read it, I ‘m going to go shopping, I ‘m going to borrow it, I ‘m going to do it, I ‘m going to do it, I ‘m going to resize it, I ‘ll go back to itHow to make sure you have a good time? Do you have a good time? Do you have a good time? Do you have a good time? Do you have a good time? Do you have a good time?鍚冮ジ楗归潰杩樻槸瀛樺湪涓€瀹氶闄╃殑锛屾瘯绔熼鏉愮殑瀹夊叏鎬ф病鏈変繚闅溿€傞偅涔堬紝鍦ㄥ鍋氶 ジ 楗 gui 斄 勬 勬 堡 picket 宝宝 锅?How do you say: weiwei ︾ inlaid?00 maid grandma?00 mammy?00 鍏 嬴 麴 戦 睿 10 鍏 嬶 鍏 鍏  銆 姳 姳 女 掑 戇 憣  Adorable 銆 劕 銆 挏 銆 佸 靖 钖?0鍏嬨€?What is the pot?銆?鐢ㄧ儹娌规妸閰辩倰鍑洪鍛筹紝鏀惧叆钁便€佽挏銆佸绋嶇倰涓€涓嬶紝鍐嶄笅鑲変竵鐐掔啛澶囩敤(淇楃О鈥滆噴瀛愨€?銆?銆?鎶婄倰濂界殑鑷婂瓙瑁呭叆閿呭唴锛岀敤鏂囩伀鎱㈡參鐓€忋€?銆?You can’t do it, you can change it, you can change it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can do it, you can do it, you can do it, you can do it紝鍦ㄩ攨鍐呯◢甯︾偣姹ょ洓鍏ョ鍐咃紝娴囦袱鍕鸿噴瀛愶紝鍐嶅皯鏀剧偣閱嬪嵆鏃堕鐢ㄣ€?What is the best way to get rid of it?1纰椼€侀潰绮?300鍏嬨€佸皬钁?嘃 傞 噺 銆 佸  阃 傞 噺 銆 住 挏 阃 傞 噺 銆 佳 姳 girl?What is it?Are you happy?Are you so good?閫傞噺銆侀唻 閫傞噺銆佹按娣€绮?閫傞噺銆佹按190鍏嬪仛娉曪細灞辫タ浜哄鏈€缁忓吀鑲夌偢閰卞崵鐨勫仛娉曪細1銆?鐚倝棣咃紝濮滆挏鍒囩墖锛岃懕鍒囬┈韫勫舰;鑺辨鏁扮矑;浜屽嫼鍦熻眴娣€绮夊€掑叆锛岄€傞噺鐨勬竻姘存贩鍖€鎴愭按娣€绮夈€傛按娣€绮夌殑浣滅敤鏄鑲夊悆璧锋潵婊戝2銆侀攨涓€掓补锛屾斁鍑犵矑鑺辨鐐搁銆傚鏋滆倝棣呭亸鐦︼紝鍙鏀句簺娌?銆?灏嗚倝棣呭€掑叆閿呬腑锛屽ぇ鐏炕鐐掞紝鑲夐鍗婄櫧鍗婄孩鏃跺€掑叆灏戣鏂欓厭锛?鍦ㄦ斁鍏ヨ懕濮滆挏锛岀户缁炕鐐掋€傛枡閰掍竴瀹氳鍦ㄨ倝娌℃湁鍏ㄥ彉鑹插墠鍊掑叆锛岃繖鏍锋柟鍙幓鑵ュ懗4銆?I ‘m not sure about it. I ‘m going to check it out. I ‘m going to check it out. I ‘m going to check it out.What is the difference between 浛 浠 i Rui 娌?5銆佸ぇ鐏户缁炕鐐掔害涓€浜屽垎閽燂紝鍒板叆娣€绮夌硦6銆佸皢鑲夋湯涓庢穩绮夌硦鎼呮媽鍧囧寑锛屽皬鐏挄鍢熺害涓€鍒嗛挓7銆佹渶鍚庡€掑叆灏戣閱嬶紝鍊掑叆閱嬪彲浣块叡姹佹洿椴滅編銆傚鏋滃枩娆簲棣欑矇鍜岃儭妞掔矇鏈€鍚庡彲鎾掑叆灏戣銆傞鍠峰柗鐨勭偢閰卞崵灏卞仛濂藉暒銆?

[How to make dumplings quickly]_How to pack_How to pack

[How to make dumplings quickly]_How to pack_How to pack

Dumplings are a kind of traditional food in China. In traditional Chinese festivals, people usually eat dumplings to signify reunion.

Especially in northern China, their main food is pasta and dumplings are a good staple food.

Although many frozen dumplings are sold in supermarkets, the taste of frozen dumplings is not as good as that of dumplings made by yourself. So how do you make dumplings quickly?


Noodles: a cup of warm water, a little salt in the water, and an egg in the noodles.

Water should be slowly poured into the basin, chopsticks are constantly stirred, when there is no dry flour, when the noodles are turned into noodles, you can start to work, the noodles should be hard, and the surface to the noodles is just fine.Penguang hand light is the best state.

Note 1: Make the noodles in advance, because there must be a “wake up” process, it is best to make peace in the morning and pack in the afternoon.

Note 2: Cover the noodle pot to prevent water from evaporating.

twenty two

Stuffing: If four people eat, about 500 grams of filling can be enough.

Put salt, ginger foam, soy sauce, cooking wine, sesame oil, water (the best broth) in the filling, and you can add some pepper, anyway, it doesn’t matter what you like.

Stir clockwise and feel like everything is together.

Note: It is better to leave the mixed meat filling for half an hour.

At this time, the ingredients are fused together, which is more delicious.

Note: Ginger chops are delicious.

Chopping vegetables: Generally I use Chinese cabbage + a little chives.

Leek is cut into small pieces, Chinese cabbage is chopped, and finally it feels like the vegetable is very thin, then use gauze to squeeze water.

Stir in the chives. It’s best to taste salty. If you add some salt, the dumplings will be ready.

Note: Leeks are cut into granules. Do not chop, otherwise it will be bad!


Dough: Take out the dough that has been awake, and roughly combine the four parts (several parts are fine, as long as they are equal parts), so that the surface of the bag can be prevented from drying out.

Take a copy first, put the rest in the basin, and cover it with filling to prevent evaporation.

Cut this small piece of dough into a long strip (cylindrical shape) and cut it into small pieces (width 2) with a knife.

5cm size), the same with a knife, just pay attention to turning the dough after each cut is good. Note: It is best not to put the dough together like me.

This is the first section of the cut.

Turn around: look closer at 55.

Rolling: At this time, there are many cut pieces on the table, and the hands are kneaded into thin slices, which looks like a saucer.

When rolling with a rolling pin, pay attention to the thick middle edge and the thin middle edge to prevent the dumpling fillings from leaking. The thin edge has a good taste.

Note: Do not roll a lot of dumplings at a time, depending on the speed of making dumplings, generally 5 or 6 can be left, or it will not be good if the skin is dry for a long time.

Roll out the skin 66.

Dumplings: Put the dumpling stuffing into the skin. If you are not skilled, don’t put too much stuffing.

Squeeze both sides and squeeze the edges of the dumpling skin from the middle to the sides so that the dumplings will not leak soup when they are cooked in the pan.

Then find a large plate and place it on it.

Note: When making each dumpling, dip it in the bottom of the dumpling to prevent it from sticking to the plate.

Note: Be sure to put more noodles. When the dumplings are out of the pot, many dumplings are sticking together. One is that the weather is too hot, and the other is that the skin is a bit thin.


Cooking dumplings: Boil a pot of boiling water. When the water is boiling, add the dumplings and stir in a timely manner (clockwise) to prevent the dumplings from coming together in the water.

Cover and cook until the dumplings float on the water.
You’re done. The hot dumplings are the best. Add some old vinegar and spicy oil.