[Is there a bug in Jiwei shrimp]_Insects_Ma shrimp

[Is there a bug in Jiwei shrimp]_Insects_Ma shrimp

Many shrimps have been eaten. This kind of shrimp is distributed in various regions of the world. The nutritional value of shrimps is relatively high, so the sales of shrimps in the market are also better.

Although the nutritional content of Kiwi shrimp is very rich, many people are more worried about the presence of parasites in the shrimp when eating Kiwi shrimp.

Is there a bug in the shrimp?

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Live fish and shrimp may indeed contain parasites. Live fish and shrimp may indeed contain parasites, such as liver flukes, lung flukes, pipeworms, etc., but there is a problem of infection probability. It is impossible to have parasites one by one, such as freshwater fish.The probability of shrimp infection with liver fluke is relatively high, and that of marine fish and shrimp is low.

The main parasites of liver fluke are in the muscles of freshwater fish, shrimp, and snails. People who eat raw or immature fish and shrimp meat may be infected with liver fluke disease. People infected with liver fluke can cause nausea and fullness in the upper abdomen.Symptoms of liver pain, diarrhea and other symptoms will increase the risk of liver and gallbladder cancer, and the International Cancer Center has included it in a list of carcinogens.


There may be parasite fish and shrimp in fish and shrimp with high nutritional value. Among them, protein, calcium, iron, vitamin A and other nutrients, trace element content and mainly unsaturated fatty acids such as DHA, have a variety of physiological effects on humans.
Fish and shrimp proteins are easy to digest and absorb, and are especially suitable for children and the elderly. There may be multiple amino acids and the taste is delicious. It is a delicious food given to human beings by nature.

Although there may be parasites in fish and shrimp, through reasonable cooking, you can completely avoid risks and eaters can enjoy the foods that nature has given us.


Note that the color of the shrimp varies slightly depending on the type of shrimp.

Fresh prawns, Roche prawns, grass prawns are green, sea-caught prawns are pink, bamboo shrimp, and kiwi shrimp have a black and white pattern with a slight pink color.

If the shrimp has dark hair, it is stale shrimp. The whole shrimp is dark and not bright, which means that it has deteriorated.