How to live to 100

How to live to 100

Medical experts point out that people must be 100 years old. In addition to not smoking, drinking alcohol, eating a balanced diet, and exercising longevity tips, the following three points are also very important: lifelong learning, active participation in social activities and maintaining hope.

  Studies have found that people with lifelong learning have a very low chance of developing Alzheimer’s.

Learning can stimulate the brain and delay brain aging.

Expert advice: “Make curiosity always with you.

Make a list of what you want to learn and achieve your goals one by one.

“Scientists have found that older people who like to participate in social activities and have a wider social circle are less likely to catch a cold.

In social activities, the elderly will encounter some challenges, which can stimulate their desire to overcome difficulties, motivate them to learn new things, stay motivated, and get satisfaction.

  Many older people have a negative attitude towards aging, and it is thought that as they get older, the body will naturally age and disease will become entangled.

Under such psychological cues, their worries often become reality one by one.

Experts point out that older people must stop this harmful, discouraged idea and replace it with a positive, optimistic mindset.

Don’t think of getting old as a one-way ticket to disease, weakness and inaction. Say to yourself “I’m healthy”, “I’m strong”, “I’m smart”, and often bring endless benefits.

TCM Whitening Soup

TCM Whitening Soup

Whitening Everyone thinks that if you are not exposed to the sun, or if you use whitening skin care products, it is white.

Chinese medicine believes that true white is internal, and that white is red and healthy.

The following soups are used to achieve a whitening effect.

The principle of traditional Chinese medicine is the balance of yin and yang, modern people have a lot of night life, and late sleep makes people easily become black and pores become thicker. In summer, they live in an air-conditioned environment for a long time.Questions, etc.

Therefore, whitening in summer should be based on excess qi and blood, to achieve redness in the white and firm skin.

  Laoya beauty soup ingredients: one duck, Huaishan, Chinese wolfberry, Beiqi, Yuzhu, Chixiaodou, Zhishi, Yimi, lotus seeds 10 grams each, 5 jujube; ginger, Chenpi Xiaoxu.

  Production: Laoguang duck one flying water, pour the duck and medicinal materials into the boiling water pot, and cook for four hours.

  Efficacy: strengthening the spleen and stomach, replenishing qi and strengthening qi, and the best product for summer heat.

  Spleen and stomach reconcile, qi and blood flow mutton Guben soup Ingredients: 500 grams of mutton, 20 grams of Astragalus, 15 grams of Angelica, 10 grams each of Chinese wolfberry and lotus seed; 15 grams of yuan meat, 8 jujube dates; ginger Xiao Xu.

  Production: 500 grams of mutton flying water, pour mutton and medicinal materials into a boiling pot of boiling water, and cook for four hours.

  Efficacy: nourishing qi and nourishing blood, nourishing yin and aphrodisiac, summer tonic.

  Detoxification of qi and blood in addition to the old hen Qingrun soup Ingredients: one old hen, northern ape, Codonopsis sibiricum, Poria, Huaishan, Chinese wolfberry, malt, Houttuynia cordata, 10 grams each, 5 grams of flowers and fruit; ginger Xiaoxu.
  Production: Laoguang chicken one flying water, pour the chicken and medicinal materials into the boiling water pot, and cook for four hours.

  Efficacy: A summer soup that nourishes and dampens beauty.

  Qingrun nourishing lean meat Cordyceps flower Runfei soup Ingredients: 500 grams of lean meat, 30 grams of Cordyceps flower, 10 grams of Codonopsis, Chinese wolfberry, Yuan meat, 5 figs, 8 red dates; ginger Xiaoxu.

  Production: Lean meat and water, pour the lean meat and herbs into the boiling water pot, and cook for an hour.

  Efficacy: Summer soup for clearing the heart and lungs.


Women’s beauty and freckle medicated diet

Women’s beauty and freckle medicated diet

Click to buy the long-term clinical practice of Yijing, recognizing that the occurrence of melasma is related to liver and kidney yin deficiency, liver stagnation and qi stagnation, and heart and spleen disorders.Foods containing vitamins and trace elements make medicated diet.

Medicinal diet is a good way to “combine medicine with food”. It is based on the “same source of medicine and food” and is a great initiative of the Chinese nation.

  Ingredients of Yangyan Xiaoban Soup: 30 grams of lily, 10 grams of white peony, 10 grams of fragrant aconite, 20 grams of white peony, 20 grams of glutinous rice, 50 ml of honey.

Method: Lily, Bai Zhi, Xiang Fu, Bai Zhi, glutinous rice and other five flavors, add 500 ml of water, cook and extract 200 ml of juice; add water to cook, and take 200 ml of juice.

Mix and stir the juice twice, add honey and mix well.

  Function: Nourish the skin, remove wind and dampness.

This meal uses white lotus root, softening the liver and converging the liver; incense sticks, relieving the liver and qi; white lotus root, removing wind and nourishing the face; lily, nourishing the lungs and nourishing the yin; glutinous rice, and nourishing the skin; with honey, it can moisturize the intestines and smooth the skin.

Therefore, the meal can quench the chloasma.

Loofah drink ingredients: 10 grams of loofah, 10 grams of white poria, 10 grams of white silkworm, 10 grams of white chrysanthemum, 10 grams of mother-of-pearl, 3 grams of roses, 10 grams of red dates.

  Method: Put the seven flavor medicines, wrap them with gauze, add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, fry twice, take 2 bowls of juice, drink 1 bowl each in the morning and evening, or replace the tea frequently.

  Function: Spleen Qufeng, Yue Yan freckle.

Loofah, clearing heat and clearing collaterals, and Zhongshugan for this meal; white Poria, refreshing spleen, dampening dampness; white chrysanthemum, clearing heat and relieving wind, nourishing the liver and delighting the face; mother-of-pearl, pingganningxin, clearing heat and detoxifyingRoses, sparse liver and qi, nourishing and beauty; white silkworm, clearing away heat and dispelling wind, reconciling Yingwei; red dates, spleen and medium, moisturizing skin.

How should patients with liver cirrhosis supplement?

How should patients with liver cirrhosis supplement?

Cirrhosis is a common chronic liver disease.

There are many causes of cirrhosis, and the main causes are different in different regions.

In Europe and the United States, alcoholic cirrhosis is the main type, and hepatitis virus cirrhosis is more common in the body, followed by schistosomiasis liver fibrosis, and alcoholic cirrhosis has also increased year by year.

  So, how should patients with liver cirrhosis supplement?

  First, avoid eating a high-protein diet, and don’t make the body’s internal ammonia production spike.

  Second, you can eat bananas and other fruits, keep your stools open, 1-2 times a day, and always keep the internal ammonia produced in time.

  Third, appropriate supplementation of vitamins and probiotics, such as vitamin C, vitamin B2, vitamin K, and Lactobacillus acidophilus, to stabilize the internal environment of the body.

  Fourth, unless there is obvious anemia after bleeding, patients with liver cirrhosis generally avoid taking nutrition or minerals containing iron preparations, because iron has the effect of aggravating liver cirrhosis.

  Fifth, in the case of decreased appetite, or vomiting, diarrhea, timely supplement potassium, such as fresh fresh cucumber juice, apple juice, etc., to avoid the occurrence of hepatic encephalopathy caused by low potassium alkalosis.

  Sixth, try to avoid the use of sedative and sleeping drugs, and avoid direct liver coma.

  Seventh, especially don’t eat a lot of animal protein.

In addition to increased ammonia production, animal protein metabolites contain a large number of aromatic amino acids, which can inhibit brain nerve secretion and induce liver coma during cirrhosis.

  Eighth, it is advisable for patients with decompensated liver cirrhosis to consume a small amount of plant protein.

Because of the aromatic amino acid residues in plant proteins, branched-chain amino acids overlap, and branched-chain amino acids can be inserted into anti-toxic substances to replace the neurological function of the brain.

  Ninth, those with esophageal varicose veins should usually make the food finer and avoid eating too rough food. You can store hard thorny foods such as thorny fish, boned chicken and nuts to prevent scratching.Scarred esophageal or gastric veins cause bleeding in the upper digestive tract.

The nature of yoga exhalation and breath retention

The nature of yoga exhalation and breath retention

In people’s daily life, there are many accidental and unintentional practices of yoga breathing.

For example, monks mostly live long, because when they chant the scriptures, if they use the correct method, they naturally exhale and exert lower abdomen strength, which is in line with the principle of yoga breathing.

People often say, “Happy family happy birthday” is because you naturally exhale hard when you laugh, the diaphragm is pressed down, and the abdomen is strong. It is consistent with the breathing method and posture in yoga practice.Bright happy life.

In addition, sounding methods such as recitation of poems, chanting songs, etc., make exhalation naturally long, deep, and vigorous.

Suitable for yoga breathing, so most of these people are straight and healthy.

  Most people think that smoking is harmful to health, because tobacco contains nicotine toxins, but when you smoke, the exhalation is thin and long, and it contains the principle of breathing method, so it has a calming effect.

Smoking when you are upset is a manifestation of this demand.

We know this trick. We do n’t need nicotine-containing tobacco. As long as we breathe, we can breathe as we smoke. The breath can be applied to the lower abdomen, which is in harmony with yoga breathing.

  Yawning when your body is tired or your head is drowsy is also in line with the method of breathing with forced exhalation, so it awakens your nerves and stabilizes your limbs.

Qi is also practiced in Taoism.

The same is true of the vocalization of the spell that the Taoist chanted when he descended from the ghost.

  When we are working hard, we often concentrate and stop breathing; this breathless tolerance, yoga is called “Kombak” (ie, holding your breath).

  Similarly, when you focus on something, when you endure pain, or when you lift a heavy object, you naturally hold your breath.

  At this time, the force of the whole body is concentrated on the lower abdomen and waist, and the human body is unified in Dantian.

At this time, the shoulder force is naturally relieved, and the anus is naturally contracted.

  What we call “luck” is when you exhale vigorously, and all actions are performed during exhalation.

Boxer’s shots, sword throws, and ball throws are all the same.

  This is because when the abdominal pressure is exacerbated, the vagus nerve replaces the sympathetic nerve to control the dominance, the vagus nerve presides over the sedation and expansion, and the sympathetic nerve plays the role of excitement and contraction.

Why are people afraid of getting stuck in an elevator?

Why are people afraid of getting stuck in an elevator?

Have you ever been stuck in an elevator?

In a dark space, knowing that it is useless, he still desperately tries to slap the elevator door, or press a series of buttons frantically; you cry out for help, but it is impossible for anyone to hear.

When the elevator door opens and you see the light again, you find that your legs are still shaking.

If you have had such experience, are you still worried about next time you step into the elevator?

Song Yumei, a psychological counselor at Beijing Huaren, told reporters that most people can adjust their mentality soon after the elevator is trapped, and there will not be too many concerns when they take the elevator next time; however, a considerable number of people will also worry about itFear has arisen, and when you think of the elevator, you will panic, sweating, and even evolve into even mountains and being afraid of going upstairs. This is often called “neuropathy” in psychology.

    This seemingly esoteric term is manifested in our common neurasthenia, worry, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and fear.

So, what exactly makes this group of people live so indifferently?

Song Yumei analyzed that this series of reactions was caused by their sense of security in childhood.

An adult’s experience at the age of six or seven, or something he has long forgotten, but in the subconscious can make him immortal.

“For example, some kind of child has seen others commit suicide and saw blood, and the fear left at that time is lingering.

“When you grow up, these childhood imprints may be” turned over “because of something that seems irrelevant.

So he may be afraid of the dark, the open, and the eyes of others.

Song Yumei said that in the cases they took over, there were even those who were afraid of feathers.

    Once an elevator is trapped, not taking an elevator, airplane, train, or even living in a bungalow can temporarily ease your worry.

But how can I get back twice as long?

You can’t let yourself struggle with this pain all your life.

Song Yumei said that if you know that you are suffering from “neuropathy”, you can use drugs to control it, but the best way is to talk to a psychiatrist for some spiritual communication.

Unless you have the courage to dig deep into the secrets of your heart, all your efforts are just covering up your heart’s tremors.

Five benefits of tonic peanuts in early winter

Five benefits of tonic peanuts in early winter

Introduction: Nowadays, the weather is getting cold and susceptible to diseases.

Tell you 5 benefits of tonic peanuts in early winter!

  Warm Stomach “Compendium of Materia Medica” said: “Peanuts delight the spleen and stomach, moisturize the lungs and reduce phlegm, nourish the qi, clear the throat and relieve itching.

“To cope with the stomach pains that occur frequently after the frost has fallen, consciously choose some warming foods, such as peanuts, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, carrots, cabbage, etc., can achieve the purpose of nourishing the stomach and warming the stomach.

  Peanut-reducing cholesterol has a sweet and smooth flavor, which can strengthen the spleen and stomach, nourish the lungs and reduce phlegm, nourish qi and stop bleeding, and be used for spleen deficiency and weight loss, less fatigue, dry cough and less sputum, and postpartum milk deficiency.

Professor Li said that a small amount of peanuts supplemented the intrahepatic plasma to break down into bile acids, which promoted excretion, thereby reducing blood cholesterol levels and preventing atherosclerosis.

  The high content of protein and amino acids in slow-sensing peanuts further improves memory and delays aging.

The VE contained in it can delay tissue aging and enhance kidney detoxification.

  Peanuts with strong hematopoietic function have the functions of hemostasis and promotion of platelets, and the effect of peanut red clothing is 50 times stronger than that of peanut rice itself, so it is best to eat peanuts together with red clothing.

  Therefore, tonic in the early winter season, peanut effect is great, tonic in the early winter 5 major effects.

What to eat in the early winter?

Peanuts are the best!

Super hot beautiful nose tricks goodbye strawberry nose_1

Super Hot Nose Tackles Strawberry Nose

In the beauty rivers and lakes, the perfection of the nose has always maintained an unattainable height.

There are superfluous beauty experts on the Internet who selflessly disclosed their tricks to “fight” with blackheads.

In order to let everyone brighten their eyes and wave away the strawberry nose, here are the five most popular nose beauty methods on the Internet.


hzh {display: none; }  美鼻第1计 溶字诀  计策要诀 :港台美女喜欢用含有 10%~15% 果酸的凝胶或乳液作为睡眠面膜,在睡前敷在鼻子部位,慢慢Dissolve blackheads.
  Testimonials: It’s safe, it takes time for blackheads to disappear!

  Expert tips: Dissolving is feasible, but do not DIY fruit acid.

Fruit acid and salicylic acid can dissolve oils and clean dirt. This method is practical for removing blackheads, and the effect may be slower.

Don’t worry about fruit acid causing skin discomfort, because the oily nose has a thicker sebum layer and is “tolerant”.

The concentration of fruit acid must be below 15%, it is best not to DIY fruit acid gel.

  Nose No. 2 Scrubbing Tips: Use a cleansing oil or BABY oil to patiently rub, rub, and rub on the nose to achieve the effect of oil-soluble oil. Let the cleansing oil transport the deep pores and rub the blackheads.come out!

  Testimonials: You can do it together when removing makeup, it is recommended for lazy people!

  Expert tips: Can eliminate blackheads on the surface, but deep cleaning is not enough.

Makeup remover is an oil-soluble cleansing product, while the body’s dirt breaks down into water and oil.

Sweat is “water-based dirt”, while oil and acne are “oily dirt”.

Cleansing oil can remove “oily dirt”, the effect is good, but it is powerless for water-based dirt.

In addition, makeup remover oil is difficult to reach deep in the pores, and the root causes of blackheads are completely eliminated. Therefore, with this method, it is necessary to cooperate with thorough and deep skin cleansing.

  Nose No. 3 Extraction Tips for Beauty Nose: Use the plant dew or essential oil products to make the blackheads automatically float out, and then use black tweezers to pull the blackheads out.

This is the method used by many beauty salons, which is gentle and enjoyable.

  Testimonial: Effective conversion of essential oils, but not easy to pull out!

  Expert Tips: Not very applicable to people with small blackheads.

Essential oil products have small molecules, high permeability, and natural ingredients with low sensitivity and low irritation, which are the best choices for softening keratin.

But if you want to deal with stubborn blackheads, the choice of essential oil products is very important. Don’t follow the trend blindly.

  Nose No. 4 Washing Tips and Tips for Beauty Nose: FANCL Blackhead Mask, Green Clay, Queen Helen . These are all blackhead stars on the forum.

Use the mask to clean the deep pores, wash it off after washing, and you can get a clean nose!

  Testimonials: Step by step pores are clean, and blackheads run naturally!

  Expert tips: cleansing masks cure the symptoms, and dry skin is also suitable.

Blackheads and acne are horny, and a cleansing mask can destroy its structure.

Clay and other ingredients can suck out the oils deep in the pores, which is both safe and effective.

People with dry skin do not have to refuse, just use a cleansing mask as a part around the nose.

  No. 5 Tips for Beauty Words Tips: Use black nose stickers or tear-type masks to remove blackheads!

The slight pain in turn makes people feel clean and happy, and sometimes even the blackheads that are torn off can be seen, which has a unique sense of accomplishment.

  Expert Tips: It’s best to use for emergencies and don’t complement each other.

Nose patches and tear-off masks are actually suitable for people with severe blackheads

Wrinkle-Removing Tips: Massage Wings to Easily Remove Wrinkles

Wrinkle-Removing Tips: Massage Wings to Easily Remove Wrinkles

Before going to bed every night, you can do facial massage while watching TV, because there are many acupoints on the body.

Over the years, by massaging acupuncture points on the face.

I usually wash my face before massage, and apply baby cream after washing the face to make the face smooth and easy to massage.

When massaging, first use your hands to massage from the forehead down to the earlobe, repeat 30 times.

Then gently rub the sides of the nose 50 times with the back of the thumb.

Then use the middle finger of both hands to place it on the lips, and massage and rub it 50 times down to the corners of the mouth to not only improve the face but also treat rhinitis.

Next, rub four fingers together and rub the cheeks of the face up and down to the chin 50 times.

If your eyes feel tired and sore when watching TV, you can close your eyes slightly, and use your middle fingers to gently push the upper eyelid and lower eyelid to the corner of the eye and massage 30 times.

How do women cultivate inner temperament?

How do women cultivate inner temperament?

Women are all beautiful, they spend money to dress themselves up.

However, as beautiful women need external beauty, psychological inner beauty is equally important, and temperament is a reflection of a woman’s beauty.

How can women cultivate their temperament and make themselves exude beauty from the inside out?

  A woman who makes herself beautiful by cultivating her temperament has a higher level of spiritual realm than a woman who beautifies herself with clothing and dress.

So, how can we cultivate a good temperament?

  First, we must accept our own appearance. Each person has his own unique temperament and advantages in character or appearance.

Understand how to make use of it and gradually increase its appeal.

Try to maintain a moderate figure. A woman with a good figure is more confident and attractive than a woman with a big figure!

  Second, trust and concern for others, enthusiasm and care are one of the most attractive qualities.

Caring for others will give you the same reward, and others will be convinced by accidental temperament.

  Third, dignified manner, full of self-confidence, a free-spirited, spirited, and confident woman is the most attractive to others.

  Fourth, maintain a sense of humor. A person who knows to show a smile or laugh on the right occasion and at the right time will be welcomed by others.

  Fifth, don’t be afraid to show the true emotions, no matter how happy or angry, tenderness, or honey, replace the hidden.

A woman who is often depressed and hides her emotions will be regarded as indifferent, and no one will like to associate with an iceberg.

  Sixth, don’t worry about it. Women should be open-minded and open-minded in their interactions. Don’t be cautious.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the little things, worry about it, and even make everyone very embarrassed on many occasions. It will be annoying.

  Seventh, don’t neglect the meter. As a woman, in social occasions, you must pay attention to the dignity and neatness of the meter.

In social activities, proper grooming and dressing should be appropriate.

Don’t be tired or sloppy.

  Eighth, do n’t look at yourself as high, women do n’t look at yourself, in social, you ca n’t show impatience or look down on others because others have different tempers and identities., Or general looks, poor clothing and excessive humility, be generous, not humble.