Eight foods that are suitable for winter


Eight foods that are suitable for winter

Experts said that in addition to maintaining warmth, proper tonics and reasonable expectations are especially critical. Only by improving physical fitness and increasing resistance can we truly be able to survive the winter.

  The following eight foods can be eaten in winter.

  1. Perch and other fish.

Contains rich, easily digestible protein, trace amounts, vitamin B2 and more.

  2. The taurine, carbohydrates, trace amounts, and very little contained in dog meat have the effect of nourishing kidney and promoting Yang Sanhan.

  3, black fungus, which contains traces of trace elements, vitamins, has qi, intellectual, blood-producing effects.

  4, soy, soy nutrition is relatively complete, and has the effect of stomach and stomach, tone, spleen, and qi.

  5, shiitake mushrooms, contain a variety of vitamins and minerals, choline, adenine, have the effect of inhibiting anabolic metabolism in the body, preventing blood lipids from rising.

  6, black beans, high protein content, has the function of moisturizing the intestines.

  7, milk, it is one of the best sources of human nutrients.

  8. The content of soy bean sprouts, vitamins B1, B2, C and the increase of cellulose and cellulose are the most ideal high-nutrition vegetables.

Sports health exercises, long waist pain

Sports health exercises, long waist pain

The strain on the back and back muscles is a problem that many office workers have to face.

In addition to paying attention to your posture at work, and often getting up beyond it, your bedroom can also become a “gym”. Don’t just lie down and exercise.

  Section 1: Lying on the bed, holding your right leg with both hands, approaching the right side in the right direction, head to the upper right, stopping for 5 seconds, changing the other side, repeating 10 times.

  Section 2: Sit up, lean forward, tilt your upper arm forward until you feel the muscles pulled to your hips, stop for 5 seconds. Before returning to sitting position, you can put your elbows on top and slowly hold your body up.Repeat 5 times.

  Section 3: Sitting position, legs bent over the chest, chin to the buttocks, then slowly lie back, rolling back and forth, relaxed, repeated 5 times.

  Section 4: Run the limbs on the floor or bed, tighten the chin upwards, arch the back, stop for 5 seconds, relax, repeat 10 times.

  Section 5: Lying on the bed, so that the back is flat on the surface of the bed, the legs are close together, turn to the right, stop for 5 seconds, then turn the steering, relax, repeat 10 times.

  Section 6: Lying on a bed, support the waist with both hands, slowly take the leg over the head until you feel it is pulled to the waist, relax, repeat 5 times.

What to do if baby’s stool is dry

What to do if baby’s stool is dry

3 months baby, if breastfeeding, the stool is 3 per day?
4 times, 1 day by the end of the 3rd month
2 times.

With milk feeding, the frequency of bowel movements is relatively low, once or twice a day, or even every other day.

What if baby 3?
The bowel movement only occurs once in 4 days or more. The small face flushes during the defecation, and keeps crying. The stool that comes out is hard or sticky or granular. Sometimes the dry stool will causeThe mucous membranes are ripped and bleeding, which is constipation.

  Care about constipation caused by irregular bowel movement time If your baby has irregular bowel movement time, no bowel movement reflex will be formed, which is also an important cause of constipation.

Mothers should pay attention to the baby’s defecation needs, and help the baby to form a defecation reflection as soon as possible.

  Most babies will experience abdominal agitation, blushing, and cyanosis before bowel movements. When these babies have these symptoms, the mother can try to urinate the baby.

  After feeding your baby in the morning, you should pee in time.

You can give your baby some stimuli when you poop, such as imitating the baby’s “poop” sound.

  In short, the mother should pay close attention to the baby’s bowel movements, find out the regularity, regular bowel movements, and cultivate the baby’s good bowel habits.

  Massage relieves constipation of the baby. If the baby is constipated, the defecation will be dry and hard. The dry stool will stimulate the anus to cause pain and correction. The baby will not defecate because of the fear of defecation.It will get worse.

Long-term retention of stool in the body will cause toxins to accumulate in the body, affect normal metabolism, and lead to malnutrition and decreased resistance in the baby.

  In order for the constipated baby’s accumulated stool to be replaced as soon as possible, the mother can gently massage the baby’s abdomen with the palm of her hand.

Abdominal rubbing has the effect of promoting abdominal venous blood circulation and increasing bowel movements.

  Methods The palm of the hand is firmly pressed against the baby’s abdomen, with the navel as the center, and the order of right upper abdomen, left upper abdomen, left lower abdomen, right lower abdomen, rubbing and pushing, and so on.

Each massage lasts 8-10 minutes, and massages 2-3 times a day until constipation improves, and then persists for 1-2 weeks to consolidate the effect.

  If the baby is severely constipated and the anus is clogged with dry feces, the mother must not use her fingers.

Can be injected into the anus with 5-10 kelpisol, with a little pressure on both hands to prevent the liquid from replacing.

After the rectum is stimulated by Kelululu, you can defecate.

Soap can also be used instead of Kailulu.

Peel the soap and grow about 3 cm into a conical soap bar with a pencil thickness. Insert the soap bar with water and then slowly insert it into the baby’s anus.

However, these two methods are prone to bad habits, and cannot be repeated for non-special needs.

If you still don’t get relief, you should take your baby to the hospital for treatment.

  Warm reminder: baby constipation and congenital megacolon “Congenital megacolon” is a common congenital disease in childhood, and it is also one of the important causes of baby constipation.

According to statistics, one in 5,000 newborns has the disease.

  Severe children have no meconium excretion or only a small amount of meconium excretion within 72 hours of birth, accompanied by incomplete intestinal obstruction such as abdominal distension and vomiting.

Intestinal obstruction symptoms are not obvious in most children, with refractory constipation as the main symptom.

Defecation will only occur once in a few days to several weeks. In the future, constipation will become more and more serious. The abdomen will be significantly swollen, and the belly will be thin and tight.

The child often cries, refuses to eat, and vomits.

After the enema or taking laxatives, the intervening gas and feces were discharged, and the bloating was relieved immediately, but constipation returned to the original afterwards.

Some children are also accompanied by enteritis and diarrhea after constipation.

  If the baby has the above symptoms, he must go to the hospital for rectal examination, internal rectal pressure measurement, abdominal X-ray examination and enema to confirm the diagnosis.

Chinese herbal mask for whitening and removing chloasma


Chinese herbal mask for whitening and removing chloasma

Introduction: Melasma, also known as “liver spot” and “black spot” in traditional Chinese medicine, is an acquired melanin hyperdermatosis skin disease.

The skin lesions are hazel, dark brown, or dark brown patches, with a clear state and often irregular edges, shaped like maps or butterflies, symmetrically distributed on the face, smooth surface, no scales, and no conscious symptoms, and often worsen after sun exposure.

The disease is common in women and occurs from adolescence to menopause.

If it occurs in pregnant women, it is called chloasma of pregnancy, which can gradually disappear after delivery without treatment.

The etiology and pathogenesis of this disease are complicated, and it is mostly related to liver, spleen, and renal dysfunction, cell dysfunction, and impotence injury, which leads to qi and blood irregularities.(Evidence) and onset.

In addition to the clinical treatment of traditional Chinese medicine orally, the treatment is supplemented with a traditional Chinese medicine mask.

Chinese medicine mask prescription: Bai Zhi, Bai Zhi, Bai Po Ling, white chrysanthemum, white and, white silkworm, white fresh skin, salvia, peony skin.

The same amount of the common powder of the medicine is passed through a 100-mesh sieve and stored in a dry bottle for future use.

Usage: Take 30 grams of the above medicine powder, add 10 grams of pearl powder, add an appropriate amount of honey and white vinegar, mix into a paste, apply to the affected area, and keep 20?
30 minutes, wash off with water, 1?
2 times, 20 days as a course of treatment.

Efficacy: The white chrysanthemum in Fangzhong detoxifies and detoxifies; white chrysanthemum, white chrysanthemum, detoxification and dryness of white fresh skin; white and white worm, silkworm, salvia, salvia, peony skin, cooling blood, promoting blood circulation, removing stasis and regenerating.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” said that white silkworm “removed skin winds, can destroy black dry and sore scars”, “Chinese Materia Medica” said that white worm “removed facial scars” (dry skin refers to melasma);Materia Medica “Pearl powder” except for dryness of the face “,” detoxification and muscle regeneration “; modern pharmacological research believes that Bai Zhi, Bai Po Ling is accompanied by anti-inflammatory, detoxification, enhance the body’s immune function, Salvia miltiorrhiza has the role of promoting tissue repair and regeneration.

If the stasis is gone, the newborn will be born, the poisonous heat will be relieved, and the body’s resistance will be strengthened.

Most of the prescriptions are whitening medicines, which can achieve the effect of “whitening and nourishing white.”

There is no spot above the retina of women who love beauty, and it can also be used for daily maintenance. Once a week, it can achieve the effect of whitening and beauty and preventing melasma.

At the same time, it should avoid sunlight or ultraviolet radiation, keep the spirit relaxed, and the stools are toned.

Recommendation: Old Chinese medicine “Freckle King” herbal tea link: http: // www.


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Qingming cuisine

Qingming cuisine

The Qingming dish is a Buddha grass, also known as sagebrush. It is called “Miansutou” and “Hanshilai” in southern Jiangsu Province. The whole plant has white wool.plant.

The folk in Jiangsu and Zhejiang often pick and cook the tender seedlings before and after the Qingming period, and knead them into rice noodles to make cakes, which are delicious and fragrant.

  The taste is sweet, flat and non-toxic.

  It contains fatty substances, volatile oils, a large amount of carotenoids and a small amount of vitamin B.

  Pharmacology can dilate local blood vessels, which can be used to treat non-infectious ulcers and shaved wounds.

Oral administration can lower blood pressure, treat peptic ulcers, and expectorant, antitussive, and analgesic effects.

  Function: chronic bronchitis, wheezing cough, ulcer, rheumatism and so on.

  [慢性气管炎,咳嗽,气喘]  清明菜30克(鲜菜加倍),鱼腥草15克,甘草9克,水煎服。  [风湿筋骨痛,跌打伤痛]  鲜清明菜60-90克,用水和酒合煎,一日2次分服。  [胃及十二指肠溃所,胃痛]  清明菜30克,甘草9克,水煎服。  [臁疮(下肢溃疡)]  以清明菜煎浓汤洗涤,并作温湿罨敷剂,一日换敷3次。  [雀眼夜盲,迎风流泪,羞明]  鲜清明菜60克,和糯米煮稀饭,或同羊肝炒食,有养肝明目之功。

Winter running pay attention to scientific fitness


Winter running pay attention to scientific fitness

Most cities in the country celebrate the New Year in the form of fitness runs and advocate national fitness.

Chengdu sports medicine experts remind: not everyone is suitable for running in winter, do not blindly follow the trend, pay attention to scientific fitness.

  According to reports, winter runners ‘physical energy consumption is exhausted. Participants must first consider their own physical conditions and perform necessary physical examinations before registration. It is not advisable to have high blood pressure, hypertension, anemia and other cardiovascular and internal organ diseasesSign up to avoid accidents during the competition.

  The temperature rises in winter, and the limbs of the human body are cold and stiff, which weakens the skin elasticity.

If you suddenly exercise from a quiet state, especially if you participate in an acute exercise such as running, it is often prone to breathing difficulties, palpitation, and movement disorders, which can lead to injuries.

Therefore, it is necessary to conduct sufficient warm-up activities before the race, from slight to gradually increasing, strengthening, increasing the strength and elasticity of muscles and ligaments, thereby expanding the range of joint movements and accelerating breathing.

After the whole body is slightly hot, sweaty, and has a brisk, flexible feeling, you can participate in the competition.

  You should also pay attention to a reasonable diet before running in winter, and you must eat before the game.

Breakfast is best to choose some high-energy, digestible foods such as milk, eggs, cream, desserts, chocolates and so on.

Don’t overeat breakfast and avoid insufficient perfusion.

The best meal is about an hour before the game.

In addition, we should also pay attention to the reasonable supplementation of vitamin C. Due to the strong metabolism, high absorption and consumption, and sweating during competition, the demand for vitamin C is more than usual.

  In addition, you must do your best during the competition, and pay attention to your own physical condition at all times. If possible, you should immediately adjust the speed or interrupt the competition. Do n’t force your support, causing serious injuries or even accidents.

Hemorrhoids should pay attention to what children’s acne should be prevented

Hemorrhoids should pay attention to what children’s acne should be prevented

Presumably, everyone has a certain understanding of hemorrhoids. When this disease occurs, other people will be affected. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to some defense methods in daily life. It is necessary to pay attention to effectively enhance the physical condition. Usually, the patients should pay attention to thorough disinfection.Family members should not touch, then, should patients with acne pay attention to matters?

How to prevent acne in children?

What should be paid attention to in patients with hemorrhoids? 1. The things used by patients with acne should be disinfected in time. The family remembered not to touch the things they used.

2, if the family has acne, the disease can be isolated as soon as possible.

3, hemorrhoids This disease must be treated early after the discovery, because after a long time, there will be acne nodules on the body, which invisibly increases the treatment difficulties, which is the most important point of acne care.

4, used items of acne patients, washbasins, towels, bath towels, etc. separate from other people, furniture that acne patients have come across, tables and chairs are best washed with 84 disinfectant, so as not to infect others when they come into contact.

5, patients with acne should be faced with an optimistic attitude, because acne can be completely cured after systemic treatment.

How to prevent acne in children?

1, keep the skin clean and dry.

In summer, sweating is more, clothes are easy to dirty, so you should bathe your child frequently, change clothes, and apply some talcum powder after bathing.

2, pay attention to the children dressing.

Children’s clothes should be suitable, and it is appropriate to use infinite cool.

Try to wear some clothes that are ventilated and hygroscopic, and wear nylon chemical fiber clothes.

Clothing should be slightly loose, don’t be too tight.

3, to prevent lice and mosquito bites.

In summer, it is easy to give birth to scorpions, so it is necessary to pay attention to skin hygiene to prevent lice.

Once it happens, treat it promptly.

When the child is sleeping, it is advisable to hang a mosquito net to prevent mosquito bites.

4, keep the child enough sleep.

The sun can be properly sun-dried in the summer to enhance skin resistance.

5, know nutrition.

Pumpkin, carrot and other vitamins and vitamins A, can moisturize the skin and prevent dryness; peanuts, vegetables, beans have vitamin B vitamins, can promote micro-metabolism; and fresh vegetables and fruits replace vitamin C and calcium, potassium, iron and other minerals.

These substances help to increase skin resistance and help prevent acne.

What should you pay attention to in patients with acne?

The items used by patients with acne must not be touched by others, and the patient’s things should be boiled to facilitate disinfection. Everyone should understand the onset of the disease as soon as possible. Once this disease occurs, it will cause severe itching of the skin.Pay attention to the method of protection and scientifically diagnose.

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What are the specific symptoms of acne?

Stupid behavior in the workplace

Stupid behavior in the workplace

No one can guarantee that even a smart person will not be confused. Even when Zhuge Liang makes a wrong decision, not to mention ordinary us, occasionally there are some things that seem to be stupid.

However, if you are in the workplace, then please be careful, because sometimes the mistake is a professional “suicide” behavior.

  The workplace is a life experience. It takes 3 to 15 months to find a suitable job-and it only takes a few days or weeks to lose a job.

  1. I always feel that I am not good enough. Although such people are smart and experienced, once they are promoted, they have no confidence and feel incompetent.

In addition, he does not have the ambition to climb up, and always feels that his position is already too high, maybe one or two levels lower may be more suitable.

  This self-destructive and self-limiting behavior is sometimes unconscious.

However, as a senior executive in an enterprise, such unconscious behavior can cause a large price for the enterprise.

  In a modern society with more and more outstanding interpersonal interaction and interaction, it seems more and more impossible to open up a new living space based on your own ability, or just do your own job, to stand out and succeed.

The only way is to bravely follow out and implement your own ideas and ideas, safeguard your dignity and rights, and then do everything possible to affect colleagues, supervisors, subordinates or customers, use their words and actions to move them and form an interactionCollective self-confidence.

  2. The world is black or white when looking at the world like black or white.

They believe that everything should be judged objectively like a test with standard answers.

They always feel that they are defending faith and adhering to principles.

However, these principles may be completely ignored by others.

As a result, such people are always fighting alone and often defeated.

3, the endless pursuit of excellence This kind of person requires himself to be a hero, and also strictly requires others to reach his standard.

At work, they asked themselves and their subordinates to “more, restart, better.”

As a result, the subordinates were exhausted and “jumped for survival”, and those who remained were even more tired.

As a result, the turnover rate is steadily increasing, causing a burden on enterprises.

  This kind of person is suitable for independent work. If he is a supervisor, he must hire a special person. When he asks his subordinates too much, he boldly reminds him.

  4. Avoiding conflicts unconditionally. Such people generally avoid conflicts at all costs.

In fact, different opinions and conflicts can stimulate vitality and creativity.

A supervisor who originally argued for the subordinate’s reasoning may be looked down upon by the subordinate or other departments in order to avoid the conflict.

In order to maintain peace, they suppress their feelings, and as a result, they seriously lack the ability to face and resolve conflicts.

In the end, this inability to resolve conflicts spread to marriage, parent-child, brotherhood, and friendship.

  5, arbitrarily suppress the opponents. They are tough and ruthless, just like a bulldozer. Anyone who blocks the way will be leveled, because the rampage is too aggressive, and they do not know the detour skills, which may hurt theirCareer.

  6. Naturally like to attract people’s attention. This kind of person strives for some kind of ideal.

In a stable society or business, they always take a stand quickly and feel that compromise is humiliation. If no one pays attention to them, they will become worse until someone pays attention.

  7, overconfidence, eager to succeed This kind of person is overconfident and eager to succeed.

They are unrealistic, and when they are looking for work, they are not the leading companies to avoid talking, otherwise they will stand on their own.

When working in large companies, most of them volunteered and demanded to be responsible for work beyond their capabilities.

As a result, the mission was not fulfilled, and he would not stop swinging the stick. Instead, he wanted to use higher achievements to make up for the previous promise, and the result became a general defeat.

  This kind of person is mainly lack of psychological affirmation, and must find the psychological roots in order to stop constantly wanting to swing.

In addition, you must also force yourself to “do nothing, do nothing.”

  8. Being tied up by difficulties, they are typical pessimists and they like to worry about others.

Before taking action, he would imagine every possible outcome and be worried.

Such persons act as supervisors and will be delayed if they are in trouble.

Because he was too concerned about the sense of shame, and even worried that his subordinates would be in a state of embarrassment.

  Such people must train themselves, and when they think of anything, they must control the fear in their hearts and make themselves more and more mobile.The most effective way to survive in the workplace!

  9, negligence, such a person does not understand human nature at all, it is difficult to understand the emotions of fear, love, anger, greed and compassion.

When they talk on the phone, they usually do n’t even say hello, go straight to the topic, and lack the ability to compare hearts to hearts. They want to exclude emotional factors from the decision-making process.

  This kind of person must do an “emotion audit” for themselves and understand that they are more sensitive to certain feelings; ask friends or colleagues if they find that you ignore the feelings of others, collect actual cases of their behavior patterns, re-execute the entire situation, and changebehavior.

  10. Some people who can’t control their mouths often don’t know that some topics can be talked to in public, and some content can only be said in private.

These people are usually good people and have no intentions, but in organizations that pay attention to the organization level, such uncontrollable people will only kill their careers.

They must at all times set up warning signs for themselves to remind themselves of what they can say and what they cannot say.

What kind of MM is best to find a job . 11, is my path right?

  Such people always feel that they have lost their career direction.

“Is it the right path?

“They always doubt it.

They feel that their role is optional, can’t keep up with others, and has no sense of belonging.

  12. People who don’t know how to pretend to work, like to say, “These jobs are really boring.

“But what they really felt was,” I can’t do any work well. ”

“They want to be successful at a young age, but they don’t like studying, asking for help, or asking for advice, because they will be considered” incompetent “, so they have to pretend to understand.

Moreover, their demands for perfection were severely delayed, resulting in severe work paralysis.

Yin Chen food usage 5

Yin Chen food usage 5

Modern medical research shows that Yin Chen not only has a very high vitamin value, but also can supplement vitamin C and vitamin B, and contains various trace elements and more than 20 kinds of amino acids required by the human body, which has a good health-care function.

In spring, the season of Yin Chen is rich, eating more Yin Chen can also penetrate the good disease prevention and health care effects. Here are some usages of Yin Chen food for your reference.

  250g of cold stems and leaves of Chenhao and Artemisia annua, sugar, and sesame oil.

Wash and remove Yin Chen, stir thoroughly in a boiling water pot, remove and wash, squeeze out water, chop and place in a plate, add refined salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, sesame oil, mix well when you eat.

The dish is green and fragrant, sweet and refreshing, and has the effects of dampness and yellowing, and clearing wind.

Suitable for hot and humid jaundice, unfavorable urination, wind pruritus, scabies, binocular blindness, night blindness and other complications.

  Yinhaohao fried pork shreds 250g young stems and leaves, 100g pork, 10g spring onion, 5g ginger.

Wash the Artemisia cylindrica and put it in a boiling water pot for a while, remove the squeezed water and cut into sections; wash and shred the pork; add cooking wine, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce, spring onion, and ginger into a bowl and stir well;Heat the stir-frying spoon with oil, add the shredded pork and stir-fry until it turns white, pour the pork, stir-fry until the shredded pork tastes, add yin chenhao and then stir-fry until the flavor comes out.

This vegetable sauce is red and green, tender and tough, and has the effects of strengthening the spleen and stomach, and dampening dampness.

Suitable for spleen and stomach discomfort, do not want to eat, poor urination, stool discharge and the like.

  Yin Chen Wo Tou Xian Yin Chen 100g, rice noodles.

Wash the Yin Chen, smash and take the juice, add water to the right amount to blend the rice noodles, put into the wotou, steamed food, or put into the buns.

This method has a certain effect on acute jaundice hepatitis.

  Yinhaohaohe lotus leaf porridge Yinhaohao 25g, 1 fresh lotus leaf, previous rice 100g, moderate sugar.

First, wash the decoction of Artemisia spp. And lotus leaves, remove the juice and remove the residue, add the washed rice and cook, and when the porridge is cooked, add white sugar and cook slightly.

The porridge is light green, strong, sweet and fragrant, and has the effects of nourishing the spleen and stomach, and biliary and yellowing.

It is suitable for the recovery period of chronic hepatitis and has a certain effect on the healing of the disease.

  Yin Chen Honey Tea Yin Chen 10g, moderate amount of honey.

Soak Yin Chen in a moderate amount of cold boiling water for a while, then remove the cold boiling water, then add honey and boiling water to soak the drink.

This method has a certain effect on acute jaundice hepatitis.

If you want to sleep well, soak your feet in vinegar

If you want to sleep well, soak your feet in vinegar

Treating diseases with vinegar is a method of treating diseases that has spread to the people.

“Vinegar soaked feet can rest peacefully” is the experience of Mr. Sun Tianhua of Chongqing Jiangjin.

However, Mr. Sun didn’t know how much vinegar was used, whether to use it, whether to replace it, whether to heat it, etc., making it impossible for readers to operate.

  Chinese medicine believes that vinegar is sour, bitter, warm, can promote blood circulation and disperse stasis, digestion and accumulation, swelling and softening, detoxification and insecticide, and cure sores.

Some scholars believe that vinegar has the effect of regulating the body’s acid-base balance, promoting normal metabolism, helping digestion and absorption, protecting liver and kidney functions, expanding blood vessels and protecting arteries, and can also delay aging, weight loss, and beauty.

  A foot bath before bed has a sleeping effect.

The Song Dynasty writer Su Dongpo had a poem “The master advised me to wash my feet and fall asleep, and never heard the bell and drum again”.

Soaking your feet with vinegar can promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue, help you fall asleep, and effectively treat insomnia.

  However, it should be noted that when using vinegar to soak the feet, high-quality vinegar such as Zhenjiang of Jiangsu, Sichuan Boring vinegar, and Shanxi old vinegar must be used instead of chemical vinegar.

It is recommended to pour 2,500 ml of hot water at about 60 degrees every night before going to bed, and add 150 ml of vinegar to soak your feet.