Hyun Bin’s skin is still very delicate after serving

Hyun Bin’s skin is still very delicate after serving

The day after Xuan Bin joined the army, he broke up with Song Huiqiao.

Immediately after the news came out, netizens blasted and pointed out. When Xuan Bin joined the army, he said that the two had a good relationship, and they were lying.

Hyun Bin is the perfect man in everyone ‘s mind. Whether it is skin or body, it is the most enviable. Today, I will share with you this beautiful man’s skin care experience.

  Hyun Bin, what are the secrets to skin care?

  As an actor, Hyun Bin will gradually go through the process of makeup and makeup removal, so he will attach great importance to the maintenance of his skin.

At the end of each work, he will choose foam products for facial cleansing, and for his dry skin, he will also focus on hydrating products in daily maintenance to facilitate the skin in different environmentsStay active.

Hyun Bin has good skin care habits, and some insist on using sunscreen products in daily care.

  Xuan Bin’s skin is very delicate. Maintenance tips: Drink plenty of water, skim milk and take vitamin C tablets. It is a beauty meal that Xuan Bin eats daily.

According to beauty products, his most important basic care is cleaning first, and he must do a deep cleansing to remove horny skin once a week.

  DIOR Homme Cleansing Peeling Mask This men’s mask cream slowly dries on the skin without leaving cracks. Massage gently and then wash with water.

High-tech ingredients work quickly and effectively on the skin, helping to eliminate impurities and show a delicate texture.

The dual action of clay and abrasive particles of DIOR Homme Cleansing and Exfoliating Men’s Mask enhances detoxification and oil control effects.

Use 1-2 times a week.

  VIE Men’s After Shave Spray (VIE 4MEN After Shave) ¥ 160.

00 / 150ml this aftershave can instantly refresh you!

Using this after-shave lotion after shaving can instantly revitalize the skin and fill it with elasticity. At the same time, it can help tighten the pores and maintain the fragrance.

The scientifically added creatine ingredient can moisturize and highly moisturize the skin. At the same time, the addition of smart babies and plant extracts can feed the thirsty skin and effectively repair the small lines and marks on the skin.

The exclusive formula can also help you improve the shaving in the morning but the short cracks have grown in the evening, making your image decent!

  DHC Pure Olive Moisturizing Balancing Cream 120 yuan / 35g A refreshing moisturizing cream that will condition the skin to the ideal state of weak acidity.

It has excellent ductility and forms a protective film on the skin surface to lock in moisture.

Take care of the skin damaged by dryness and shaving in time, and return to the ideal state of health.

  Biotherm Men’s Active Oxygen Purifying Mask is a unique and portable package designed specifically for men. It can effectively remove toxins from the skin and old dead cells on the surface of the skin for men’s dull and dull skin. In just 7 minutes, a pure, bright and healthy race!

  NiCKel water supplement gel 350 yuan / 50ml super melt gel oil can make the ingredients penetrate the skin 3 times faster, and quickly replenish the water, mainly for skin dehydration or rehydration, the texture is light and fast, penetrates the skin quicklySuitable for any skin.

  L’Oreal Paris Men’s Powerful Lip Balm Reference Price: ¥ 29.

0 Product specifications: 3.

5g product profile is specially designed for men, with matte particle size, non-glossy, strong nourishment, fast soothing, long-lasting moisturizing, repair and strengthen lips.

Vitamin C derivative in the nourishing oil component, which nourishes, repairs and strengthens the lips. It is specially designed for harsh environments and tested by dermatologists.

Efficacy 1: Strongly nourish and immediately soothe and combine a variety of nourishing oils to nourish and immediately soothe lips.

Summer skincare from head to toe


Summer skincare from head to toe

Skin condition is directly related to the age of a woman.

In summer, most of our skin is exposed to the sun. Improper care is likely to cause sunburn and accelerate skin aging.

Therefore, in the middle of summer, we need to do a good job of skin care.

  ”Face” problem UV damage to the skin, so the most important thing in summer skin care is sun protection.

  The choice of sunscreen depends on the nature of your skin.

Those with oily skin should choose a refreshing and oil-controlling type, and those with dry skin should choose a moisturizing effect.

For those with mixed skin, if you are not afraid of trouble, do not prevent the two sun creams from being used at the same time, and perform different special maintenance for different parts.

So, how to apply sunscreen properly?


After washing your face, follow the daily care routine for facial care, and then apply sunscreen evenly on the face.

After applying sunscreen for half an hour, go out again.

If you have been outdoors during the day, such as swimming outings, you must apply sunscreen every hour.


Wash your face and make up frequently.

Summers are hot and sultry. People always feel sweaty and greasy on their bodies, especially those with oily skin. If they don’t clean their face often, it will easily cause the skin pores to be blocked and bring a series of skin problems.

Therefore, if you want to make your skin fresh and bright in summer, you must wash your face frequently and develop a good habit of applying makeup in time.

  Taking care of the fragrant shoulders In the summer, wearing a suspender dress can best show the infinite charm of a woman, but if there is a defect in the front, it must be very regrettable.


From now on, you need to pay special attention to the skin on your shoulders.

Every time you take a bath, apply the massage cream to your shoulders, alternating left and right hands, and gently massage for 10 minutes?
15 minutes.

After bathing, dry your whole body, apply an appropriate amount of skin care products to your shoulders, and continue to massage so that the skin care products are fully absorbed.

In addition, sun protection on the shoulder is equally important.


When riding, you should alternately hold the handles.


When carrying heavy objects, take two hands separately or pay attention to changing hands to share the weight to avoid causing shoulder discomfort or affecting shoulder health due to uneven force.


Improper sleeping posture will also hurt the shoulders that are already “burdened with responsibility”.

Therefore, proper bedding plays a key role.

Pay attention to adjusting the height and stiffness of the pillow.


Cycling ladies should pay particular attention to shoulder skin care.

On the basis of applying sunscreen, you must be fully armed before going out, including shawls, gloves, sunglasses, and sunhats.

  The horny of the feet is the thickest part of the body, and wearing sandals will make the skin of the feet thicker and thicker.

Therefore, pay special attention to maintaining your feet in summer.


Choose a pair of shoes that fit comfortably.

In summer, the most likely injury is the foot.Be sure to choose a comfortable pair of sandals, because healthy women are beautiful.


When showering, using a shower head to punch the “Dadu” acupoint under the sole of the foot (in the center of the muscle in the position under the sole of the foot) can alleviate the effect of the skin.


Minimize time spent wearing high heels.

Put a pair of flat shoes in the office and change them at noon break to give your feet a full rest.


The shape of sandals often causes sunburn on the feet to become obvious. You also need to apply sunscreen on your feet. You can use the whitening products on your feet instead of reusing them. The effect is better.

After bathing at night, hot water bubbles feet.

You can also add some petals or flower water to the water to make foot bathing a pleasure and fun.


Do foot care once a week.

You can go to the beauty salon or use the weekend to do it yourself at home.

Your baby is sick, these signs are a sign

Your baby is sick, these signs are a sign

[Guidance]When a baby is sick, novice parents are always busy.

Parenting experts remind: before the baby is sick, some symptoms and signs will appear on the body. Careful parents can observe them if they pay attention.

1. Emotions change. Healthy babies are full of energy, have eyes in their eyes, and don’t like to cry.

If your baby is irritable, his face is red, and his lips are dry, it is mostly a sign of fever; dull eyes, straight eyes, and fists in both hands are a sign of convulsions; flexion of his legs, paroxysmal crying, and rolling are signs of abdominal painDrowsiness, vomiting, and stiff neck are symptoms of encephalitis.

2. The appetite changes. The baby usually has a good appetite. Sudden loss of appetite, accompanied by poor mental energy, may be a fever. At this time, you can know your body temperature. If you have abdominal distension, snoring, farting, and sour smell, you mayIt is stagnation of milk and indigestion; if the baby refuses to eat or cry after eating, and the saliva is too much, it may be an oral disease.

3, breathing changes When the baby’s breathing becomes thicker, faster, and the face is red, it may be a manifestation of fever; if the mouth is open for breathing, mostly the nose is not ventilated; shortness of breath, nasal agitation, red lips, and pneumonia should be prevented at this time.

4, changes in sleep If the baby is irritable before going to bed, his face becomes red after going to bed, shortness of breath, which is a sign of fever; sweating after going to bed is a sign of rickets; if he loves to grab his anus with his hands before going to bed,The performance of worms; keep chewing or rubbing your teeth after bedtime, you should beware of tsutsugamushi.

How long does it take for my third party life to end?

How long does it take for my third party life to end?

It’s an old-fashioned secular story. I’m with a man with a family. He’s been with him for a few months after his wedding.

We were just friends and colleagues of a company!

His dad was terminally ill at that time, and he wanted to see him get married, so he randomly (for him) found a woman to marry in the village. His later explanation was “thinking that feelings will develop in later life”, but the reality is not as goodHe thought.

He is a college student with higher education, a senior manager of a multinational group, but his wife has only elementary school level.

Home in the countryside.

Such a way of life without a common language made him very depressed when he got married, and that was when we were together. I was 19 that year!

He introduced to all his friends, whether business or old classmates, that I was his wife!

He has never been in life or work, so ten years of meticulous care made me willing to wait until now!

  He promised to divorce when his dad died, and his dad died two years ago. I have waited until the age of 24 but have not left. He hardly returns to his hometown, which is equivalent to living with his wife for 5 years!

He also talked with his wife, and said that she would never earn much money for compensation, she would earn it for her, even if it took her whole life to make money to make up for her, but she lived alive.I ‘m scared to die together!

I knew he was under a lot of stress, and I showed him a face every day, saying that he was useless and cowardly!

When he saw that I was a little unhappy, he hurried over to coax me, no matter how busy my work was!

Although I still know that I am too much, I still feel so tired. I want to leave. Perhaps my departure is good for anyone, but he said that he ca n’t do without me. I ‘m not letting him feel that there is no value in existence and hard work.!!
(I opened a factory with him. The legal representative is me. I tried to leave the drift, but made him deeply fear that I would leave him again.)

I want to leave, but I am afraid of hurting him, affecting the factory, not leaving, but hurting myself and his wife. I do n’t know how many times I cried in 5 years.And I dare not tell my family that they are proud that I can find such a man, but they do not know that he has a family!

what should I do?

Leaving is probably what I should do, but it hurts him all the time!

  May wish to express your opinion, “when you face such a problem, what will you do?


Seeing the top ten poisonous foods, do you dare to eat them?

Seeing the top ten poisonous foods, do you dare to eat them?

We eat toxin-containing foods every day, and we don’t have to worry about most of the time, because the mass production of fruits and vegetables often ensures our safety.

But from time to time, some people accidentally die because they accidentally eat a part of a plant that should not be eaten.

To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, I must list some of the most common toxic substances in the kitchen.


Tomatoes Despite their popularity in many countries, they are indeed poisonous.

Although the flesh itself does not contain toxins, its stems and leaves are full of a chemical called a glycoalkaloid.

The content of this substance is higher in wild tomatoes, but artificially grown tomatoes still have some impact.

This kind of thing can cause stomach dysfunction and nervousness.

Stems and leaves can be used for cooking condiments, but must be removed before consumption.

The effect of this chemical is great, in fact, it is often repelled.

  Tip: In 1893, in the United States Supreme Court Nix v.

In the Hedden case, the focus of the revolution was to define whether the tomato was a vegetable or a fruit, because it involved the consequences of targeting vegetables instead of fruits.

In the end, the court ruled that under tax law, tomato is a vegetable and, from a botanical perspective, it is a fruit.


Wherever apples go, apples are definitely a popular fruit.

Similar to other foods on this form, apples also contain cyanide, but the content is not high.

No toxic chemicals are excluded from the pulp, but cyanide is found in the apple core.

Eating an apple core whole will not kill you, but it is definitely bad for your health.

Of course, if you eat too many apple cores (unless you are chewing and swallowing), there may be complications.

  Tip: Apples can float on the surface because 25% of their volume is air.


Cherries Cherry is definitely one of the most eaten fruits. It can be eaten raw, cooked, roasted, and made into jam or candy. Cherries can even be eaten with some wine.

Despite the many benefits, cherries are poisonous.

If you bite the nucleus without thinking while eating a cherry and leave it in your mouth without spitting out, you will probably swallow the hydrogen.

Once the cherry core is chewed or bitten, he automatically produces hydrocyanic acid.

Symptoms of mild poisoning include headache, dizziness, confusion, fear of palpitation, and vomiting.

Large amounts of hydrogen free radicals can cause difficulty breathing, high blood pressure, fast heart beats, and kidney failure.

Other reactions include coma, convulsions, and most severely, death from respiratory failure.

  Tip: Cherries make a lot of melatonin, which can help maintain and regulate your body.


Almonds Most people think of almonds as a nut, but in fact it is a seed and is particularly popular in the culinary world.

Similar to cashew nuts, almonds are highly toxic if they are not heated in some form. The bitter almonds that eliminate toxicity are mainly cyanide compounds. In many countries, it is illegal to sell almonds without processing to remove their toxins.Yes.
  Tip: In the Bible’s Old Testament, almonds were one of the first foods grown by humans.


Potatoes We have heard stories about potatoes more or less.

Definitely the Irish Potato Famine, or other related historical events, are familiar, but you may not have heard that potatoes are also poisonous.

The stems and leaves of potato plants are poisonous, and even the potatoes themselves are poisonous.

If you look closely at potatoes, you may find that some potatoes are slightly green, which is caused by the toxicity of glycoalkaloids.
In the past, there have been deaths caused by potato toxicity. Although rare, most of them are caused by repeated potato leaf tea or eating green potatoes.
The fatal event was not sudden, and the enema was often weakened at first and then closed in a coma.

Don’t worry about the occasional green potato chips, but be sure to throw away the potatoes with green shoots or green skin. Don’t cook them again, and be careful not to give them to children.

  Tip: Potatoes are good food for astronauts!

In fact, in 1995, the potato plant also grew while orbiting the Earth with the Columbia.


Red pepper You have eaten red pepper more or less in your life, no matter if it is particularly spicy or not very spicy, every red pepper you eat contains a chemical called capsaicin.

In red pepper, capsaicin is the originator of spicy flavor.

Of course, eating a red pepper is not a big problem, but if you eat too much to a certain amount, you may endanger your life.

This chemical is very powerful, and people use them as paint removers and even pepper sprays for police.

In very hot red peppers such as Hava, the capsaicin content is so amazing that if you cut the pepper, you will immediately feel a burning pain on your skin.

  Tip: Red peppers contain vitamin C in particular, and the amount of vitamin C in a green pepper pod is six times that.


Although cashews are not nuts or even seeds, cashews have a shell-like structure and grow on fruits.

When you buy “raw cashews” in the store, be sure to buy steamed, not completely raw.

This is because raw cashew nuts contain urushiol, which is the same toxic chemical found in poison ivy, which can cause the body to react in the same way as poison ivy and poison oak.

Absorbing large amounts of paint phenol can be fatal.

Although cases of cashew poisoning are relatively rare, the workers who gave them shelling production sometimes have potential risks due to close contact.

  Tip: Cashew nuts come from a fruit that is native to South American countries.

People used to throw away seeds (cashews) when they ate fruit.


There are about 5,000 types of mushrooms in the United States, of which about one hundred are said to be poisonous, and less than ten can kill.

In this way, mushrooms can still cause gastrointestinal upset.

Because the essence of mushrooms is flour and there are so many types, it is difficult to judge whether this kind of poison is poisonous or not.

From experience, we usually say that mushrooms growing in the wild are likely to be poisonous.

Fly agaricin is one of the most deadly mushroom toxins, which can cause severe kidney damage.

The toadstool we are talking about is also one of the poisonous mushrooms.

  Tip: There are 38,000 known mushroom species, 5% of which are poisonous.


Puffer fish Puffer fish is the second most toxic disease in the world.

Although you can’t eat it in the United States, many Koreans and Japanese find some of this fish to be very tasty.

However, certain organs and certain livers are highly toxic and deadly.

The toxicology of this fish body is called tetrodotoxin, which can cause high blood pressure, muscle paralysis and other symptoms, and cause the poisoned person to die due to myofascial hemorrhage and respiratory arrest.

Many Asians still have difficulty rejecting the dangerous taste of puffer fish.

  Tip: It is illegal for the Japanese emperor to eat puffer fish.


Although cassava (cassava) is not common in the United States, shrub-like cassava is widely distributed in the Caribbean and South America.

When using cassava as ingredients, it can be made sweet or bitter.

Its taste and odor both determine the amount of cyanogenic glycosides, which are highly toxic.

Most people who are willing to eat cassava like its bitter taste, because it can drive away insects and even animals.
If the preparations before eating cassava are not done well, it is likely that they will die after eating.
Because of the possibility of cyanide, the toxicity of cassava can lead to neurological palsy and also cause permanent paralysis.

  Tips: Cassava root is similar to flour. After extraction, you can make cassava flour.

Cassava leaves contain cyanide, but if mashed with flour and left in the shade for five hours, cyanide will decompose.

What to do with a bad-tempered child?

What to do with a bad-tempered child?

Please listen to how children’s psychologists think about this issue. Baby’s 3 basic temperament types When it comes to the temperament and personality of the baby, the current situation psychologists divide the baby into three temperament types: easy, slow and difficult.

  1.Slow-type characteristics-always be vigilant around this kind of personality When encountering people around them, they always look at these people and try to understand what these people are all about; they are more alert to strangers when they are stillWhen I was a baby, I rarely laughed and smiled a few times; when people made funny faces at them and wanted to make fun, they just stared at them as if they were going crazy.

Easy-type traits-Cheerful, outgoing, anger-like babies will soon like strangers they meet, and will soon become friends with these people.

When people grimaced at them, they laughed back and forth and were very happy.

  3.Difficulty-Irritable Difficulty refers to those who are obviously negative, nervous, stubborn, and difficult to figure out.

It is more troublesome to judge the temperament and personality of babies, because babies often show certain personality tendencies in stages.

  Parents should avoid premature characterizing the baby, otherwise it will be detrimental to the baby’s development.

  According to a study by the Children’s Behavior Research Center of the Philadelphia Pediatric Hospital, 50% of baby’s temperament is derived from heredity.

But when the baby is just born, parents try not to judge the baby’s personality too early, because many behavioral responses of newborn babies are the result of childbirth, drugs and other factors.

These effects will not gradually decline until 3-4 months.

Sometimes, it is impossible to judge when the baby’s true and lasting temperament character will really show up.

  Parents should gradually learn how to deal with babies of different temperament and personality to help the baby change the stress.

  When parents realize their baby’s temper, they must remember that the baby’s temperament is innate, not acquired behavior. Then, the way to treat is different from the baby’s mischief or disobedience to adult’s instructions.

  When the baby is temporarily mischievous or does not obey the reasonable instructions of an adult-parents can take the form of pausing the game or depriving them of privileges.

But temper temperament is not an intentional behavior, just the baby’s personality.

Therefore, parents need to be very clear about this and tolerate it appropriately.

  Babies are more timid and shy or have a slow temperament-then parents should not urge too much, but don’t back down.

Attention should be paid to finding ways to allow the baby to acquire the ability to socialize and face the unknown fear.

Although these babies will feel extremely shy, when you teach him some skills to deal with similar situations, you can effectively push them into these awesome social occasions.

Usually, all they really need is to overcome the first five minutes of discomfort.

  A baby is a child who is easy to get angry. Parents need to encourage the baby’s correct performance from time to time, and those alternative performances are the cold treatment we often say.

As your baby gets older, he will find that he will properly control his temper and will get more attention.

  When your baby is older, you can teach him some positive ways to release anger and anger, some running, baseball, etc.

In this way, when they are nervous, they can go outside for a lap and release their energy.

In this way, the baby can start to adjust and ease his temper from a young age, and express his personality in a correct way.

  What every parent needs to do is to accept their baby’s temperament frankly.

  Whether your baby is difficult, slow, or easy, the key is that adults must accept their temperament frankly.

Although, when you remove the pacifier from his mouth, he may cry out loud, but one day he may become an outstanding leader or the owner of a large company; the easy-going baby may become an excellent legal counselLeader in philanthropy; when the slow daughter begins her first date outing, parents can also be very happy.

Do n’t let your children have a ‘forbidden fruit mentality’

Do n’t let your children have a ‘forbidden fruit mentality’

Talking about sex changes is long out of date. Parents should not talk about sex changes.
Parents should complete the child’s initial sexual enlightenment education including gender awareness, social role awareness, self-protection awareness and moral responsibility.
Tell them what they want to know in time, and the children will not want to explore more.
If you don’t go to search for channels by yourself, you will avoid some attempts, avoid receiving some incorrect information, and you will not have a negative impact on them.
  保护自己也保护他人  在责任意识方面,我们要告诉孩子,既要保护好自己不受到伤害,也要不去伤害别人;处理好情感与性的问题,既是对自己的负责,也是对家人和对方Responsibility; for sex, it requires everyone to take responsibility.
  Let the children know that they are protecting themselves in time, the children will no longer let others touch their own bodies, and they will no longer have the opportunity to harass and infringe on themselves, which will prevent many unfortunate things from happening!
  Expert: “Don’t let your child have a ‘forbidden fruit psychology'” Why is “forbidden fruit extra sweet”?
This concept essentially reflects a general mentality of people, that is, the desire to break the ban.
Driven by the desire to break the ban, it often leads to unfortunate or immoral results.
Therefore, we must try our best to eliminate or weaken people’s desire to break the ban to prevent the breaking of bans, which naturally becomes an educational issue.
  The improvement of living standards promotes the nutritional status of adolescent boys and girls is generally good, the physical development is accelerated, the time of sexual maturity is advanced, the sexual consciousness begins to sprout and agitate, so that they have a strong demand for early experience;Coming, psychologically longing for independence, once they get rid of the constraints of the family, they will make them want to try on love.
  Parents should take good measures of their children’s sex education, and do not blindly close off and let their children have a strong curiosity and rebellion.
Try to make your child understand some sexual science knowledge, and then educate them on sexual morality.
In this way, the regret of “young youths” will be reduced.

Oral: Wife’s Dangerous Online Dating

Oral: Wife’s Dangerous Online Dating

Protagonist: A married couple in love, married and married for 10 years. Stain status: Wife ‘s online dating “sewage”. Key points: quitting the net + expressing sincerity + thoughtfulness + heartfelt love forest rushed from the warm house to the pouring rain outside the house.Go after him, confess his cold body, and wept loudly.

    A rain drenched their bodies.

I hugged him, feeling the sadness that they couldn’t hide.

When everything has been known to him, is our marriage really irreversibly withering?

    With Lin Qingmei and Zhu Ma, they fell in love for 7 years and married for 3 years. Perhaps they had already talked about everything when they fell in love. After marriage, Lin developed “marital silence”.

He often plays cards and plays mahjong with his friends, and sometimes he doesn’t return home at night, and I became obsessed with the Internet.

After chatting all night, a man sent me the blue dress he painted for me.

I had a date with him. In the lounge, on the street corner, he held my hand, the light and shadow were faint, and my faint face was vaguely red from the apricot blossom on the wall.

    Later Lin learned that he was terrified.

He emailed me and said, “It’s because I love you for nothing, and now let you go home, the sea and the sky, you pursue your dreams!

And I will no longer love others.

In the future, if there is a woman who loves me and cherishes me, I will spend my life with such people.

I immediately wrote back and asked, “Since you love me, why do you ignore me?”

I was lonely every night, so I made a little warm language and mistake it as a beacon!

Lin admitted that he was wrong.

His long marriage numb him.

But the pain of losing me makes him wake up like a dream.

However, he did not want to have such a stained marriage, and he did not want to accept a wife who loved others.

He poured his sorrow with alcohol, and within a short period of half a month, he lost weight.

    I began to regret it, and regretted that he hurt him because of my frivolous behavior.

I have never seen him like this.

My forest has always been free and confident.

No one has ever moved me so much.

Maybe we always unknowingly make mistakes for the loved one.

    Why repent permanently?

Since we still love?

    I deleted all the male IDs in QQ from the blacklist and vowed not to go online anymore.

Go home immediately after work and be very gentle with him.

Doing all this is easy and natural for me.

Because I originally loved Lin over others.

After a friend knew about me, he advised me: When it comes to marriage, either the east wind overwhelms the west wind or the west wind overwhelms the east wind.

Haven’t you gone to bed with others?

Even if you go to bed, don’t admit it, don’t admit it.

The more you admit it, the more he thinks you have a ghost.

I won’t be able to look up in my whole life.

But I don’t think so.

I was indeed wrong. I was willing to use affection and tenderness to influence him, instead of thinking about it.

    A happy marriage does not need to be calculated.Just need true love.

After understanding that Lin really loves me, I am full of confidence in saving our marriage.

    A year and a half have passed, during which we met to forget the past.

Now we have just born a daughter. He is a good husband and a good father.

    You can be frank, but don’t be frank in details.

We can be generous, but the generous bottom line is often just a fuzzy outline.

Infants and young children can not be decomposed


Infants and young children can not be decomposed

Young children refer to children between the ages of 1 and 3, which is one of the ages in which pediatric development is accelerating.

At this stage, reasonable and balanced supplements are very important to them. Some parents need them most. Therefore, after the child is old, they will give the children some high-transformation, high-protein foods.

The child has grown up as a “chubby pier” and still thinks it is normal. It is not known that childhood obesity can lead to serious health problems such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease and diabetes in adulthood.

銆€銆€Reasonable nutrition is the physical basis of health, and balanced estimates are the only way to rational nutrition.

In a balanced diet, the combination of coarse and fine grain is very important, but it is often ignored by some parents. Because some parents do not have the habit of eating whole grains, children rarely eat coarse grains.

銆€銆€Coarse grains provide nutrients that are lacking in fine grains. In the growth and development of human body, protein is an inedible part of daily food, and proteins in some foods contain different amino acids.

Some amino acids are not synthesized by the human body and must be supplied by foods such as lysine and methionine.

These two amino acids are far more abundant in the coarse grains than the fine grains.

According to the results of scientific tests: the order of higher content of methionine in food is: soybean, green bean, black rice, red bean, purple kidney bean, etc.; the order of higher lysine content is: soy flour, green bean, soybean, broad bean,Peas, etc., if the coarse and fine grains are used together, such as eight treasure porridge, two rice, bean paste, etc., the protein composition of the food can complement each other, so as to improve the nutritional value of the food.

銆€銆€The combination of coarse and fine grain balances the proportion of various nutrients. The cereals are rich in vitamin B and vitamin PP. These two vitamins are involved in the metabolism of substances in the body. Vitamin B can increase appetite, maintain the normal function of the nervous system, and promoteGrowth and development, grain processing is too fine, cooking methods are unreasonable, will make vitamin B, a lot of loss, all kinds of miscellaneous grains have their own strengths, such as wheat containing more calcium; millet iron and vitamin B, higher; glutinous rice, corn, red beansThe nutrients in mung beans and so on also have their own advantages. In cereals, they also contain a considerable amount of trace elements such as phosphorus, iron, iron and magnesium. Various kinds of miscellaneous grains are often exchanged and matched to make rice porridge, rotten rice and other diverse foods.It will enable children to get comprehensive nutrients.

銆€銆€The eating habits developed during the childhood experience can be with them for the rest of their lives.

Good eating habits should include a reasonable mix of various nutritious foods. Among them, coarse grains are indispensable. Therefore, matching a little coarse grain in the children’s arms is related to their current growth and affects future health.

Typing on diabetes

Typing on diabetes

Traditional Chinese medicine has a clinical effect in treating diabetes.

The first is to restore the five internal organs, improve the vital energy, remove blood stasis, and treat the symptoms and cure the body, so that the yin and yang disorders, qi and blood disorders, and the function of the internal organs are restored to normal.

  According to the classification of yin and yang skewness, a well-known traditional diabetes expert, Professor Lin Lan of Guang’anmen Hospital of China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine divided the diabetes syndrome into yin deficiency and heat prosperity, qi and yin deficiency, and yin and yang deficiency.

  Main symptoms of yin deficiency and heat: troublesome drinking more, eating more easily and thirsty, frequent urination, dry stools, mixed yellow urine, red tongue and less Jin, yellow and dry fur, slippery pulse.

Rule: nourishing yin and clearing heat.

Recipe: Zengye Decoction, Baihu Decoction, and Xiaoke Recipe Addition and Subtraction: 30 g of raw land, 30 g of Yuanshen, 10 g of Ophiopogon, 30 g of gypsum, 12 g of Zhimu, 15 g of kudzu root, 30 g of pollen, 10 g of Coptis,枳 Real 10 grams.

Take one dose daily and decoction twice.

  Yin deficiency and fever are common symptoms of early diabetes.

Seen in the early stage of diabetes, most of the patients did not show blood vessels and neurological complications. The vast majority of patients combined with the typical “three poly” syndromes such as polydipsia, polyuria and polyphagia.

The main points of syndrome differentiation are drinking more troubles, frequent urination, dry stool, red tongue and yellow shaojin.

The basic pathogenesis is the loss of yin and jin, and the hotness is too strong, so the main treatment is to nourish yin and clear heat.

Most of the yin-deficiency and heat-generating treatment drugs are cold and cold, so it should not be taken for a long time, so as not to damage the spleen and stomach.

For spleen and stomach deficiency or elderly diabetic patients who need to use nourishing yin and clearing heat, the dosage should not be too large, otherwise excessive cold and cold doses may cause stomach upset, bloating and diarrhea and other gastrointestinal adverse reactions.

  The main symptoms of deficiency of qi and yin: typical polydipsia, polyuria, polyphagia, etc. are not obvious, dry oropharynx, fatigue, shortness of breath, weak waist and knees, dry stools, or palpitations and spontaneous sweating, or dizziness and tinnitus, orParalysis of the limbs, or blurred vision, fat or tooth marks on the tongue, white tongue coating, and thin pulses.

Rule: Yi Qi Yang Yin.

Recipe: Shengmai Sanhe Zengye Decoction Decoction: Raw Astragalus 15g, Polygonatum 15g, Radix Pseudostellariae 15g, Ophiopogon 10g, Schisandra 10g, Raw Land 15g, Radix Ginseng 15g, Pueraria 15g, Pollen 15g, 15 grams of yam, 10 grams of yam meat.

  Qi deficiency and yin deficiency are the most common syndromes in diabetes, and they are mainly transformed from yin deficiency and fever, and a small part of them can be found in newly diagnosed elderly diabetic patients. Clinically, dry mouth, fatigue, shortness of breath, fat tongue, white fur, and pulseThe details are the dialectical points.

For patients with two qi-yin deficiency syndromes, you can also choose Yuye Decoction, Yuquan Pill, Jiangtang A Tablets, etc. to treat qi-yin two deficiency and scattered syndromes: three symptoms are not obvious, dry mouth, fatigue, shortness of breath, palpitations, tinnitus and dizziness, Soft waist and knees, limb pain, blurred vision, chest tightness, chest pain, or both lower limbs swollen, or stroke hemiplegia, abnormal blood rheology, abnormal nail crinkle microcirculation, scale enhancement, tongue fatness, dark tongueOr dark purple with ecchymosis, purple and dark veins of the tongue and abdomen veins, and the veins are thin.

Rule: Yiqi Yangyin, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

Recipe: Yiqi Yangyin Huoxue Decoction: Huangjing 30g, Raw Astragalus 30g, Radix Pseudostellariae 15g, Ophiopogon 10g, Schisandra 10g, Habitat 20g, Xuanshen 30g, Salvia 30g, Angelica 10g, Tao Ren10 grams, 15 grams of kudzu root, 30 grams of pollen, 10 grams of cilantro, 6-10 grams of raw rhubarb.

  Qi and Yin deficiency combined treatment is the most common type of diabetes comorbidity, which is characterized by: ① the relative complications of the disease, more common in the middle and late stages of diabetes.

  ② The hot and dry specimens have retreated, and the typical symptoms of polydipsia, polydipsia and polydipsia are not significant. Complicated vision is blurred, dizziness and palpitations, limb pain, edema, chest tightness, chest pain, stroke and hemiplegia.

  ③ The clinical manifestations are characterized by dry mouth, weakness, shortness of breath, and dark tongue.

Fully reflects the pathogenesis characteristics of qi and yin deficiency.

Treatment should be nourishing qi and nourishing yin, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

  Main symptoms of deficiency of yin and yang: weak waist and knees, shortness of breath, lack of water in dry mouth, chills, cold limbs, edema of the face or lower limbs, loss of appetite, diarrhea or diarrhea, constipation alternately, turbid urine like cream, complexionYellowish and dull, with dry ears, flaky teeth, impotence, pale tongue, white and dry fur, and weak pulses.

Rule: Yuyin Wenyang, kidney and blood circulation.

Recipe: Jinkui Shenqi Pill and Shuilu Erxiandan Addition and Subtraction: 15 grams of cooked land, 15 grams of yam, 12 grams of mandrill meat, 15 grams of diarrhea, 15 grams of Poria Poria, 15 grams of Coix Seed, 15 grams of Golden Cherry, Guizhi6 grams, 8 grams attached, 30 grams of salvia, 15 grams of kudzu root.

  The deficiency of yin and yang is more common in the middle and late stages of diabetes complication.

This type of patient has a long course of disease, many comorbidities, and a complex condition. The severity can affect the internal organs, including heart, liver, spleen and kidney, but the key is the kidney.

The pathogenesis of the disease is long-lasting thirst, yin damage and yang, severe damage to viscera and dysfunction, impaired ventilator movement, impeded blood movement, impaired yin and yang due to impaired water and liquid metabolism, and dampness, stasis and blood internal resistance.

Treatment should be nourishing yin, warming yang, nourishing kidney and promoting blood circulation, as well as promoting dampness and turbidity.

Fangzhong Liuwei Dihuang Pills nourish yin and nourish kidneys; Zhishi, Jinyingzi Gushen astringent essence; Guizhi, with tablets to warm kidney yang; Salvia miltiorrhizae, Pueraria root activating blood circulation to remove blood stasis; Alisma purpurea, Poria cocos, Poria cocos and dampness.