[Is there a bug in Jiwei shrimp]_Insects_Ma shrimp

[Is there a bug in Jiwei shrimp]_Insects_Ma shrimp

Many shrimps have been eaten. This kind of shrimp is distributed in various regions of the world. The nutritional value of shrimps is relatively high, so the sales of shrimps in the market are also better.

Although the nutritional content of Kiwi shrimp is very rich, many people are more worried about the presence of parasites in the shrimp when eating Kiwi shrimp.

Is there a bug in the shrimp?

Learn more.


Live fish and shrimp may indeed contain parasites. Live fish and shrimp may indeed contain parasites, such as liver flukes, lung flukes, pipeworms, etc., but there is a problem of infection probability. It is impossible to have parasites one by one, such as freshwater fish.The probability of shrimp infection with liver fluke is relatively high, and that of marine fish and shrimp is low.

The main parasites of liver fluke are in the muscles of freshwater fish, shrimp, and snails. People who eat raw or immature fish and shrimp meat may be infected with liver fluke disease. People infected with liver fluke can cause nausea and fullness in the upper abdomen.Symptoms of liver pain, diarrhea and other symptoms will increase the risk of liver and gallbladder cancer, and the International Cancer Center has included it in a list of carcinogens.


There may be parasite fish and shrimp in fish and shrimp with high nutritional value. Among them, protein, calcium, iron, vitamin A and other nutrients, trace element content and mainly unsaturated fatty acids such as DHA, have a variety of physiological effects on humans.
Fish and shrimp proteins are easy to digest and absorb, and are especially suitable for children and the elderly. There may be multiple amino acids and the taste is delicious. It is a delicious food given to human beings by nature.

Although there may be parasites in fish and shrimp, through reasonable cooking, you can completely avoid risks and eaters can enjoy the foods that nature has given us.


Note that the color of the shrimp varies slightly depending on the type of shrimp.

Fresh prawns, Roche prawns, grass prawns are green, sea-caught prawns are pink, bamboo shrimp, and kiwi shrimp have a black and white pattern with a slight pink color.

If the shrimp has dark hair, it is stale shrimp. The whole shrimp is dark and not bright, which means that it has deteriorated.

[Method of distinguishing true and false pepper noodles]_How to_How to do

杈f闈㈡槸鎴戜滑鍦ㄧ敓娲讳腑缁忓父浼氱敤鍒扮殑涓€绉嶈皟鏂欙紝瀹冧富瑕佹槸鐢ㄨ荆妞掔粡杩囧姞宸ョ(鍒舵垚姣旇緝缁嗙殑绮夛紝鐢变簬鍦扮偣涓嶅悓锛屾湁浜涘湴鏂硅繕浼氬湪鍒朵綔杈f闈㈢殑鏃跺€欙紝鍦ㄩ噷闈㈠姞鍏ヨ姖楹汇€佸叓瑙掋€佽姳妞掔瓑鍏朵粬鐨勮皟鏂欙紝杩欐牱鍒朵綔鍑烘潵鐨勮荆妞掗潰鍙e懗涔熶細鏈The following is a good example: it is a fine split, and it is divided into two parts: a small split, a small split, a split, a split, a drop, a drop, a drop, a drop, a drop, a drop, a drop, a drop, a drop, a drop, a drop, a drop, a drop, a drop, a drop, a drop, a drop, a drop, a drop, a drop, a drop.璇磋鲸鍒湡鍋囪荆妞掗潰鐨勬柟娉曘€?1. 棰滆壊 姝e父鐨勮荆妞掗潰锛屽叾瀹炴槸娌℃湁閭d箞绾㈢殑锛岃€屽疄闄呬笂鏈夌偣鏆楃孩鑹诧紝濡傛灉浣犵湅鍒扮殑杈f闈㈤潪甯哥孩锛屽垯鍙兘鏄姞浜嗙孩鑹查鏂欑殑缂樻晠锛屼篃鍙互鎷胯捣鏉ワ紝鐢ㄦ墜鎼撲竴涓嬶紝鐪嬫墜涓婃槸鍚︾暀鑹层€?2.Sorrowfulness  闱  纴 瀹  闱  纴 瀹 婏 纴 翏 婏 纴 灏 槸 鍦 ㄨ drift 啷 姷 姗姗 姗 啗 啗㈠姞鍏涓噷闱㈠姞鍏害楹搞€傜┖涓婇害楹哥殑棰滆壊鏄亸绾紝涓旀垚缁嗗井绮掞紝鍥犳锛屼綘鏁e紑杈f闈紝浠旂粏鐪嬶紝鑻ユ湁榛勮壊棰楃矑锛屽垯涓烘坊鍔犱笢瑗夸簡銆?.姘斿懗 姝e父鐨勮荆妞掗潰鏈夊埡榧荤殑杈涜荆鍛筹紝杩欎釜鏄甯哥殑銆傝€屽鏋滃姞浜嗛害楹革紝鍒欎細鎶婂埡榧诲懗闄嶄綆锛岃繕鏈夊姞浜嗛鏂欑殑璇濓紝鍒欎細鍐叉贰杈f闈㈢殑鍒洪蓟鍛炽€?4.鍙f劅 鍙栦竴鐐瑰効杈f闈㈡斁杩涘槾閲岋紝浠旂粏鎰熷彈涓€涓嬶紝闄や簡杈d箣澶栵紝杩樻湁杞坏鐨勬劅瑙夛紝鑰屽鏋滀綘鐨勮垖澶磋兘鎰熷彈鍒版湁缁嗛绮掔殑璇濓紝鍒欎负鍋囩殑杈f闈€?.瑙︽劅 鐢ㄦ墜鍘绘懜涓€涓嬭荆妞掗潰锛屼綘浼氭劅瑙夊埌鎵嬫寚娌℃湁浠讳綍闃荤鍦版彃鍏ュ埌杈f闈腑锛岃繖鏄ソ鐨勮荆妞掗潰锛岃瘉鏄庢病鏈夋坊鍔犲叾浠栦笢瑗裤€傝€屽鏋滄湁寮虹儓鎽╂摝鎰燂紝鍒欎负鍋囩殑銆?.The birthday ceremony is awesome, and the archery is broken, and the beauty of the girl is broken. It ‘s a great effect. You can click on the button, click on the button, click on the button, click on the button, click on the button, click on the button, click on the button, and click on the button.娴簡姘磋〃闈紝濡傛灉鏈夛紝鍒欎负鍋囥€傝€屽鏋滄按鐨勯鑹插彉鎴愮孩锛屽垯涓哄亣銆?.杩囨补 褰撶劧锛屼綘涔熷彲浠ョ偢涓€涓嬶紝鎶婃补鍒颁節鎴愮啛鍚庯紝鐒跺悗鍊掑叆鏃╁厛鍑嗗濂界殑纰楅噷鐨勮荆妞掗潰锛岀劧鍚庤繃娌瑰悗鐪嬫晥鏋滐紝濡傛灉娴撻锛岃€屼笖鐗瑰埆鍒洪蓟鐨勪负鐪燂紝鏈変贡婧咃紝What are you talking about?

[How to regulate the mentality]_Reconciliation mentality_Methods_Methods_How to do

[How to regulate the mentality]_Reconciliation mentality_Methods_Methods_How to do

Stress is everyone’s, even a child will have some psychological stress due to learning. When there is stress, it will not be a problem to properly adjust your mentality, but if it is not in the face of stressKnowing how to adjust your mentality, it is easy to have some psychological problems, so how to adjust the mentality when there is specific pressure will be analyzed here.

Relax when you are stressed.

Life is an aimless journey. In fact, don’t put too much pressure on yourself, just live a little bit.

Learn to relax when facing stress at work and life.

We can put work aside first, and we can set aside things at home.

Take a simple trip.

All troubles and unhappiness are thrown out of the clouds, and we will not think about those troublesome things on the journey.

And we will increase our knowledge and open our horizons during the journey.

This is a good choice for adjusting your mindset.

Talk to friends and relatives.

In fact, when we encounter difficulties and frustrations, we must remember that our family will always be our port of call.

The warmth at home will melt the cold outside.

Of course, friends who are caring can spit out bitter water, and friends can cry with you and laugh together.

The so-called “rely on parents at home and friends on the go.”


Huaneng International (600011) Company Quarterly Report Comment: New Chapter of Thermal Power Leader Promotes Continuous Improvement

Huaneng International (600011) Company Quarterly Report Comment: New Chapter of Thermal Power Leader Promotes Continuous Improvement

Huaneng International’s revenue in the first quarter increased by 5% to 456 in ten years.

500 million, net profit attributable to mothers increased 114% to 26 per year.

600 million.

Since 18Q3, Huaneng International has finally improved its trend of continuous profit growth.

After 北京夜生活网 Chairman Shu Yinbiao took office in 2018, he paid close attention to management. Huaneng Group (not Huaneng International) made a good start in the first quarter of 2019, and the overall revenue growth was only 9.

At 6%, profits increased by 65%.

As the main profitable asset and cash source of Huaneng Group, the company has been seeking changes. The 18 annual report company has planned wind power capital expenditures of US $ 24 billion in 19 years (an increase of approximately US $ 17 billion over the previous 18 years).

In our view, first of all, as the profit margin of wind power generally exceeds that of thermal power, the company’s profit margin may increase.

In fact, domestic wind power companies generally have PE estimates ranging from 14-40 times, and overall higher than thermal power. Expanding wind power business, the company expects the value to increase.

We think the 19Q1 company’s profit improvement represents the beginning of a new chairman and new leadership style. The company’s transformation is worth knowing, and the company’s investment value has already appeared.

The average price of electricity and electricity dropped due to the increase in income or heating income in 19Q1.

1. The company’s installed capacity is increasing by 1 every year.

In 6% of cases, the total power generation dropped by zero.

45%, indicating that the company’s utilization hours have decreased, which is mainly due to the low utilization hours of new energy generation, and the company’s new energy generation capacity increased by 84% (but the base is small, only 5.6 billion kilowatt hours).

2. The company’s coal-fired power generation reached 9.31 million kWh, a drop of over 2%.


We believe that in theory, the increase in high-priced new energy and the decrease in low-cost thermal power should lead to an increase in the company’s average electricity price, but the actual company’s overall electricity price has dropped by zero.

4% to 0.

At 422 yuan / kWh, we expect that it should be affected by the increase in the proportion of market bidding for electricity. A rough estimate is that the price of coal-fired electricity will drop by zero.

005 yuan / kWh.

In the case of simultaneous decline in electricity and electricity prices, the company’s total revenue has been changed to + 5% (+22.

300 million), we believe that it may be due to heating and other income growth.

From the cost side, the decline in the cost of coal per ton is the initial improvement of the company’s profit.

In 19Q1, the spot price of coal-fired coal dropped by about 14% (98 yuan / ton) every six months. The main reason for the company’s profit growth was the decline in fuel prices, while the operating cost actually decreased by 2%.

19 ppm (due to the relatively high cost of coal burning), if the rough calculation of 4,500 coal is followed, it will only decrease by 4.

86 yuan / ton, we expect mainly due to the increase in other business costs and contracted coal fell more than the actual reduction in actual ton coal cost should be greater than the rough estimate.

We believe that the thermal power industry’s estimates may welcome the opportunity for repair: 1. Demand is expected to start to fall in the near future, and investment opportunities in the thermal power sector are beginning to appear.

2. The core driving factors of thermal power fundamentals Coal prices are subject to various black swan incidents and uncertainties, but it is expected that the security inspection of Shaanxi coal mines will end at the end of June and more and more coal mines will be put into production with the passage of time.The trend will not change.

Investment suggestion: The company has come out of the haze of performance since Q3 of 18 years and has changed a lot in 19 years.

We believe that the new leader’s appointment has driven the company’s new weather. At the same time, the income has expanded and the scale of profit has improved. This has demonstrated the leader’s understanding of profitability. At the same time, the wind power investment plan has also revealed a series of new ideas. The company is expected to continue to improve in the future. We expect 19-21EPS are 0.



64 yuan, corresponding to 17 times PE in 19 years, we believe that the company’s leadership and management changes are worth giving an estimated premium, giving the company 20-22 times PE variation in 19 years, corresponding to a reasonable value interval 7.


36 yuan.

The company’s 19-year BPS was 5.

41 yuan, corresponding to PB1.

2 times, although with comparable company 1.The 0PB estimate is relatively expensive, but the company has a leading scale. In the past year, the PB estimate is about 50% higher than the comparable company’s PB estimate, so it is given 1 to the company.


5PB estimate, corresponding to a reasonable value interval 7.


12 yuan, a combination of the two estimation methods. As coal prices are in a downward trend in the future, earnings will improve significantly. Therefore, we believe that the company’s reasonable value range is 7.


36 yuan, maintain the “preliminary market” rating.

risk warning.

The timing of the decline in coal prices is uncertain.

Kitakami funds buy buy buy: Aier Ophthalmology was favored by 1.8 billion Masukura last week

Kitakami funds buy buy buy: Aier Ophthalmology was favored by 1.8 billion Masukura last week

66 billion in half a day!

Funds from Kitakami continue to buy and buy. This GEM white horse stock is most favored. Securities Times · e company Mao Jun was affected by the continuous rise in the external market during the Dragon Boat Festival. Today A shares opened higher and higher, but the transaction volume did not significantly increaseThis shows that the wait-and-see atmosphere of market funds still prevails.

  At noon, the Shanghai index rose 0.

98%, SZSE Component Index rose 1.

61%, GEM Index rose 1.


Disk, 5G, rare earth and other sectors performed actively.

The pork, seed and other 重庆耍耍网 sectors fell the most.

  The two financing funds replaced the capital flow into the capital, and on the last trading day before the termination of the holiday, the Shanghai Stock Exchange financing balance was reported at 5466.

6.1 billion yuan, a decrease of 35 from the previous trading day.

4.0 billion; Shenzhen Stock Exchange financing surplus reported 3551.

3.4 billion yuan, a decrease of 20 from the previous trading day.

400 million; the two cities totaled 9017.

9.5 billion yuan, a decrease of 55 from the previous trading day.

US $ 4.4 billion, a net decrease for the sixth consecutive trading day.

  Obviously, the adjustment of the change of market conditions and the adjustment of some two-financial equity reforms caused the emergence of margin positions, resulting in the proportion of financing positions close to the financing monitoring indicators.

Today, the Shanghai Stock Exchange announced that it found that the financial supervision indicators of six countries’ chemical industry reached 20.


In accordance with relevant regulations, when the financial monitoring index of a single stock reaches 25%, the Shanghai Stock Exchange may suspend its financing purchase on the next trading day and announce it to the market. Investors are advised to pay attention to investment risks.

  On April 26, the sustainability of the six countries’ chemical industry is still high, and its financing surplus4.

2.2 billion yuan, accounting for 13.


With the reduction of the first quarterly report and the half-yearly report of the loss, the six-nation chemical industry has hit a limit for three consecutive days.

Before the festival, the financing balance of the six countries’ chemical industry4.

27 trillion US dollars, although the capital budget has not changed much, but the shareholding ratio has actually increased, and the shareholding ratio in the circulating market value is as high as 20.


Today, the six countries chemical industry attacked along with the broader market, surpassing more than 6%.

  The initial flow direction of Beishang funds is completely opposite to that of the two financing funds. Before the holiday, the capital of Beishang has been net bought for 4 consecutive trading days. Today, the net inflow again exceeded 6.6 billion yuan.

The week before the holiday, the most popular capital of the north is the new MSCI index of Aier Ophthalmology, Masukura 50.14 million shares, Masukura market value up to 18.

With 5.8 billion U.S. dollars, 35 shares including Industrial Bank, Ping An of China, Wen’s shares, Tsingtao Brewery were also increased by over 100 million yuan.

  Hengrui Medicine was sold 12.76 million shares by Beijing Capital before the holiday, reducing its market value by more than 7.

5.9 billion US dollars; Hikvision was severely reduced by Beijing Capital’s capital because of related negative influences, and 28.25 million shares were sold by Beijing Capital before the holiday, reducing its market value6.

US $ 9.1 billion; Guizhou Moutai, which was the most favored capital of Beijing, was net-reduced for 7 consecutive weeks. Last week, Beijing Capital again sold more than 160,000 shares of Guizhou Moutai, reducing its market value1.

4.2 billion yuan.

  Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission has held three consecutive meetings on rare industry issues. The target audience includes industry experts, rare earth enterprises and competent authorities of production areas. The main issues involved are rare earth environmental protection, rare earth black industry chain, rare intensive and high-end development.Wait.
In the early morning today, the rare earth sector collectively opened higher, with 6 stocks including Yuguang Gold Lead, Yinhe Zongheng, Dehong Co., Zhenghai Magnetic Materials, and Hengdian Dongci, Xiamen Tungsten, and Ningbo Yunsheng leading the gains.

  Hua Chuang Securities said that for an industry, such intensive actions and statements are rare.

The rare earth industry will have further policy promotion. A series of policies such as environmental protection inspection, index verification and strategic acquisition and storage will be released intensively to promote the development of the industry with a reasonable structure, advanced technology, effective protection of resources, and orderly production and operation of the industry.To give full play to the special value of rare earths as a strategic resource.Leading companies such as Minmetals Rare Earth, Guangsheng Nonferrous Metals, Northern Rare Earth, Shenghe Resources and others are trying to benefit.

  Today, the 5G sector has once again strengthened, with the daily limit of 17 shares such as Monternet, Monternet, Sobeth, and Kexin Technology, such as Huichang, Yueling, and China Stone Technology.

  On the last trading day before the holiday, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued 5G commercial licenses to China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Radio and Television, marking that China officially entered the first year of 5G business.

Because the previous 5G concept was speculated in advance, a large number of profitable disks emerged after the news was released, causing the 5G concept index to fall by 4.


  CITIC Construction Investment said that the RF front-end chip is the core of communication. Through the upgrade of communication technology, the value of RF chips continues to increase.

The RF chip market is temporarily occupied by overseas giants. The US and Japanese oligarchs together account for 90% of the front-end market.

Demand for domestic front-end replacement of RF front-ends is strong, and policy support is firm.

We are optimistic about domestic leading-edge RF chip design leader Zhuo Shengwei, compound semiconductor manufacturing leader Sanan Optoelectronics, and focus on radio-frequency solution platform makers Xinwei Communication, radio-frequency device maker Weil Co., Ltd., Tiantong Co., Ltd. and McGee Technology.

  Reduced holdings plunged this week, the stock market will usher in a wave of 100 billion lifting of the ban.

In the past two months, the downturn in the A-share market has continued to spread, with the transaction volume expected to be less than 400 billion.

Risk aversion for market funds is heating up, and under this background, individual stocks facing lifting of the ban are under pressure.

  Today, Industrial Fulian 4.

900 million restricted shares were lifted.

Every month at noon drops 8.


The Ningde era will be lifted to about 9 tomorrow.

800 million restricted shares, accounting for 44 of the company’s total share capital.

64%, the actual number of shares available for circulation is about 9.

600 million shares, accounting for 43 of the company’s total share capital.


At the monthly closing price of 69 today.

At 67 yuan, the market value of lifting the ban is as high as about 66.9 billion yuan.

  In addition, stocks that announced reductions fell sharply across the board today.

  Boteng shares announced on the evening of the 6th that the company ‘s actual controlling shareholders, namely Nianfeng, Tao Rong, and Zhang Hebing (the three of whom are acting in concert) holding a total of 35% of the company ‘s shares, plan to reduce the total holdings of the company ‘s shares by not more than 71 million shares, that is, not exceeding the total13 of the share capital.


In the early morning today, Boteng opened lower and went lower, closing at noon every night.


  Qixin shares announced yesterday that due to capital requirements, the company’s controlling shareholder Zhida Holdings and its affiliate Ye Xiudong planned to reduce its shareholding in the company within 2 months to no more than 2443.

530,000 shares, accounting for 10% of the company’s total share capital.


The combined shareholders currently hold a total shareholding ratio of 47.


Qixin shares opened in early trading at a price of more than 9%.

  Du Xuan, the largest shareholder of Golden Securities, plans to reduce the company’s shares by no more than 2%; Chairman Zhao Jian intends to reduce his shares by no more than one.

87% of shares; director, senior vice president Xu Yibo intends to reduce its holdings by no more than 1.

76% of shares; shareholder Lian Liyang intends to reduce its holdings by no more than 1.

1% stake.

The opening of the Golden Securities Co., Ltd. today is a direct limit.

  Tian He defense controller He Zenglin and his concerted action person Liu Danying plan to reduce the company’s shareholding by no more than 14.4 million shares in the next six months, that is, not more than 6% of the total share capital.Tianhe Defense also opened with a daily limit today. Although it has risen a bit since then, it has still dropped 7.

twenty three%.

  The recently announced reduction plans of Tianxia Wisdom, Meijin Energy, Fuman Electronics, and Dunhuang Seeds all fell down on the next trading day of the announcement. Investors of listed companies with recent reduction plans and a large number of lifting of banned stocks should be treated with caution.

Shanghai Construction Engineering (600170) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Regional High Prosperity Repurchase Shows Confidence

Shanghai Construction Engineering (600170) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Regional High Prosperity Repurchase Shows Confidence

Event: The company released the 2019 third quarter report.

During the reporting period, the company achieved revenue of 1,523 trillion, an increase of 32%; net profit attributable to mothers was 27.

200 million, an increase of 50%; of which, net profit after deduction is 20.

600 million yuan, an increase of 21%.

In the third quarter alone, it achieved revenues of 48.8 billion yuan, an increase of 32%; net profit attributable to mothers7.

600 million, an increase of 47%.

The company announced the repurchase plan. Within 6 months from the date of the adoption of the plan at the scale of the shareholders’ general meeting, the repurchase scale with its own funds did not exceed 50 million yuan, not more than 100 million yuan, and the repurchase price did not exceed 4.

2 yuan / share.

The repurchased shares are intended to be used for employee stock ownership plans.

Opinion: Both revenue and orders have maintained rapid growth.

Since this year, revenue has maintained a growth of more than 30% for a year, the best level since 2010, indicating that regional investment prospects are high and the company’s business development is favorable.

In the first three quarters, the company’s orders for the new decade were 2,445 trillion, an increase of 18%.

Among them, construction construction business was 195.8 billion yuan, an increase of 18%; design consulting, construction-related industrial business, infrastructure investment, and other businesses increased by 53%, 34%, 3%, 73%, and real estate pre-sale contracts were 2.5 billion yuan.Same reduction of 71%.

The company’s new starting point for each business has grown rapidly. Although real estate pre-sale has been affected by changes in macro policies and operating strategies, it will not have a significant impact on the company’s profits within 1-2 years.

In the third and third quarter alone, the bottom of the company’s comprehensive gross profit margin rebounded, and the decision-making judgments were verified (reviewed in the semi-annual report 青岛夜网 for 19 years).

In the third quarter alone, the company’s comprehensive gross profit margin was 10.

1%, an increase of 1 from the previous quarter.

1pcts, but still low by 3 per year.


The preliminary gross profit margin decreased, and the judgment was mainly affected by the business structure (the proportion of real estate business decreased).

High revenue growth, significant repurchase confidence, and maintain a “buy” rating: Shanghai Construction Engineering is a leader in the construction of the Yangtze River Delta region, which will significantly benefit from the strategic integration of the Yangtze River Delta and the high prosperity of regional infrastructure investment.

The company has abundant orders in hand and strong performance guarantee.

The company’s main business construction income, strong 杭州夜网论坛 order growth, and the influence of changes in gross profit margins are gradually being digested. We maintain the company’s 19-21 year return to net profit forecast34.



400 million, the current price corresponding to 19-21 years PE is 9x / 7x / 7x, which has the largest return compared to similar local state-owned enterprises.

Maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk reminder: rapid segmentation of real estate business, regional investment is less than expected

How should patients with liver cirrhosis supplement?

How should patients with liver cirrhosis supplement?

Cirrhosis is a common chronic liver disease.

There are many causes of cirrhosis, and the main causes are different in different regions.

In Europe and the United States, alcoholic cirrhosis is the main type, and hepatitis virus cirrhosis is more common in the body, followed by schistosomiasis liver fibrosis, and alcoholic cirrhosis has also increased year by year.

  So, how should patients with liver cirrhosis supplement?

  First, avoid eating a high-protein diet, and don’t make the body’s internal ammonia production spike.

  Second, you can eat bananas and other fruits, keep your stools open, 1-2 times a day, and always keep the internal ammonia produced in time.

  Third, appropriate supplementation of vitamins and probiotics, such as vitamin C, vitamin B2, vitamin K, and Lactobacillus acidophilus, to stabilize the internal environment of the body.

  Fourth, unless there is obvious anemia after bleeding, patients with liver cirrhosis generally avoid taking nutrition or minerals containing iron preparations, because iron has the effect of aggravating liver cirrhosis.

  Fifth, in the case of decreased appetite, or vomiting, diarrhea, timely supplement potassium, such as fresh fresh cucumber juice, apple juice, etc., to avoid the occurrence of hepatic encephalopathy caused by low potassium alkalosis.

  Sixth, try to avoid the use of sedative and sleeping drugs, and avoid direct liver coma.

  Seventh, especially don’t eat a lot of animal protein.

In addition to increased ammonia production, animal protein metabolites contain a large number of aromatic amino acids, which can inhibit brain nerve secretion and induce liver coma during cirrhosis.

  Eighth, it is advisable for patients with decompensated liver cirrhosis to consume a small amount of plant protein.

Because of the aromatic amino acid residues in plant proteins, branched-chain amino acids overlap, and branched-chain amino acids can be inserted into anti-toxic substances to replace the neurological function of the brain.

  Ninth, those with esophageal varicose veins should usually make the food finer and avoid eating too rough food. You can store hard thorny foods such as thorny fish, boned chicken and nuts to prevent scratching.Scarred esophageal or gastric veins cause bleeding in the upper digestive tract.

Eight foods that are suitable for winter


Eight foods that are suitable for winter

Experts said that in addition to maintaining warmth, proper tonics and reasonable expectations are especially critical. Only by improving physical fitness and increasing resistance can we truly be able to survive the winter.

  The following eight foods can be eaten in winter.

  1. Perch and other fish.

Contains rich, easily digestible protein, trace amounts, vitamin B2 and more.

  2. The taurine, carbohydrates, trace amounts, and very little contained in dog meat have the effect of nourishing kidney and promoting Yang Sanhan.

  3, black fungus, which contains traces of trace elements, vitamins, has qi, intellectual, blood-producing effects.

  4, soy, soy nutrition is relatively complete, and has the effect of stomach and stomach, tone, spleen, and qi.

  5, shiitake mushrooms, contain a variety of vitamins and minerals, choline, adenine, have the effect of inhibiting anabolic metabolism in the body, preventing blood lipids from rising.

  6, black beans, high protein content, has the function of moisturizing the intestines.

  7, milk, it is one of the best sources of human nutrients.

  8. The content of soy bean sprouts, vitamins B1, B2, C and the increase of cellulose and cellulose are the most ideal high-nutrition vegetables.

Qingming cuisine

Qingming cuisine

The Qingming dish is a Buddha grass, also known as sagebrush. It is called “Miansutou” and “Hanshilai” in southern Jiangsu Province. The whole plant has white wool.plant.

The folk in Jiangsu and Zhejiang often pick and cook the tender seedlings before and after the Qingming period, and knead them into rice noodles to make cakes, which are delicious and fragrant.

  The taste is sweet, flat and non-toxic.

  It contains fatty substances, volatile oils, a large amount of carotenoids and a small amount of vitamin B.

  Pharmacology can dilate local blood vessels, which can be used to treat non-infectious ulcers and shaved wounds.

Oral administration can lower blood pressure, treat peptic ulcers, and expectorant, antitussive, and analgesic effects.

  Function: chronic bronchitis, wheezing cough, ulcer, rheumatism and so on.

  [慢性气管炎,咳嗽,气喘]  清明菜30克(鲜菜加倍),鱼腥草15克,甘草9克,水煎服。  [风湿筋骨痛,跌打伤痛]  鲜清明菜60-90克,用水和酒合煎,一日2次分服。  [胃及十二指肠溃所,胃痛]  清明菜30克,甘草9克,水煎服。  [臁疮(下肢溃疡)]  以清明菜煎浓汤洗涤,并作温湿罨敷剂,一日换敷3次。  [雀眼夜盲,迎风流泪,羞明]  鲜清明菜60克,和糯米煮稀饭,或同羊肝炒食,有养肝明目之功。

Divorce today, you have to hug me out of the house

Divorce today, you have to hug me out of the house

The wife said, it was you who took me into the house and was going to divorce, and you would take me out of this house again.

  When I married my wife, I carried her over.

At that time, we were living in a bungalow of a family. When the wedding car stopped in front of the door, a group of friends held me side by side and took her out of the car. So, in a loud voice, I picked up.She went all the way to the ceremony.

My wife was a full-bodied and mature girl, and I was a strong and happy newly married man.

This is a scene ten years ago.

  The days that followed would be like flowing water, asking children, going to the sea, doing business, and the familiarity in marriage gradually appeared between us.

Money goes up a little bit, but the feelings go down a little bit. My wife works as a civil servant in an administrative agency. Every day we go to work at the same time, and almost at the same time. The children go to boarding school.

To others, life seems to be impeccable happiness.

But the more this peaceful happiness, the easier it is to have a sudden change.

I have her.

When life is as boring and ubiquitous as water, even a simple drink can make people feel a real enjoyment.

She is Luer.

The weather was fine. I stood on the large terrace and Luer stretched out, hugging me tightly from behind.

My heart was once again surrounded by her feelings, almost making me unable to breathe.

  This is the house I bought for Lu’er.

Luer said to me that a man like you is the most eye-catching girl.

I suddenly thought of my wife. When she was just married, she seemed to say that a man like you, once successful, is the most attractive to girls.

Thinking of his wife’s cleverness, a knot was tied in my heart, and I cleared the place, and I was sorry for her.

Can’t stop it.

I pushed Luer’s hand away and said you watched buying some furniture yourself. The company still has business today.

Luer was clearly upset. After all, today she said she was going to take her to buy furniture.

The possibility of divorce has become bigger and bigger in my heart. What was originally thought to be impossible is gradually becoming possible in my heart.

However, I don’t know how to speak to my wife, because I know that I must hurt her after I speak.

  There is no place for my wife to be sorry, she is still busy preparing evening meals in the kitchen, I still turn on the TV, sit there, watch the news, the meals are quickly served, eat, and then the two watch TV together, orIt was sitting alone in front of the computer for a while.

Imagine Luer’s body and become a way of entertaining myself.

Try to say to your wife, what would you say if we divorced?

The wife gave me a glance and did not speak, it seems that this life is far away from her.

I can’t imagine the performance and thoughts of my wife once I say it.

  When my wife went to the company to find me, Lu’er just came out of my office.

The eyes of the people in the company cannot be hidden, and when almost everyone speaks with sympathetic eyes and that disguised language, the wife finally feels something.

She still smiled at all my subordinates in her own identity, but I shifted from her eyes a moment before she could dodge.

  Luer said to me again, divorce, He Ning, we are together.

I nodded, and my mind had expanded to the point where it had to be said.

When my wife served the last dish, I held on to her hand.

Say I have something to tell you.

The wife sat down and ate quietly. I remembered the kind of hurt in her eyes, and it became clear again at this moment.

Suddenly I felt a bit intolerable, but to this day, I can only talk about it.

Let’s divorce, I’m calmer than restlessness.The wife did not show that very special emotion and asked me why.

I laughed and said: No, I’m not kidding, I’m really divorced.

The wife’s attitude suddenly changed, she threw the chopsticks in resentment and said to me loudly that you are not human!

  At night, none of us ignored anyone, and his wife cried softly. I knew she wanted to know why.

But I couldn’t give her the answer, because I couldn’t help myself in the feeling that Luer gave me.

I drafted an agreement for my wife, which stated that the house, car, and 30% of the company’s equity should be distributed to her.

When writing these things, my heart has always been pregnant with regret for his wife, the wife took it indignantly, torn to pieces, and ignored me.

I feel that my heart hurts a little bit. After all, I am a lover who has lived together for ten years. All my tenderness will turn into a strange road-like look in the future.It is too late to recover.

My wife finally cried loudly in front of me. This is what I always wanted. It seemed to release something in general. The depressed thoughts for several weeks became the wife’s cry and became clear and determined.

Drinking with the client, when I got home with a half drunk, my wife was writing something there.

I fell asleep in bed, and when I woke up, I found that my wife was still sitting there.

I turned over and fell asleep again.

  Eventually, it was inevitable that the wife declared to me that she didn’t want anything from me, just before the divorce, asked me to promise her a condition.

The condition of the wife is simple, that is to give her another month, because another month, the child has finished the summer vacation, she does not want to let the child see the scene of their parents separated, and in this month, it will be like beforeLive like that.

I took the agreement written by my wife, and she asked me, He Ning, do you remember how I got married?

Suddenly, those memories about the newly-married came up, I nodded and said I remember.

The wife said, it was you who brought me in, but I also had a condition that I was going to divorce, and you would take me out of this house again.

It ‘s up to you to come and go, but I demand that this month, every day you go to work, you have to take me out from the bedroom to the door.

I laughed and said: OK.

I think the wife is saying goodbye to her marriage in this form, or because of her attachment to the past.

I told Luer’s request to Luer, and Luer smiled a little lightly, and said that no matter how divorced he was, he did so many tricks.

She seemed to disdain his wife, which made me more or less uncomfortable.

Limited to one month.

  On the first day, our movements were rigid.

Because once explained, we have n’t had such close contact for a long time, and even the routine sex time twice a week has been cancelled, and we are like passers-by every day.

The son patted his little hand from behind and said, “My father has beaten my mother, and my father has beaten my mother. It makes me sad.”

From the bedroom through the living room, out of the door, to the door, ten meters away, the wife was in my arms, eyes closed gently, and said to me, let’s start from today, don’t let the children know.

I nodded, and the sadness that just fell again floated up again.

I left my wife outside the gate, she waited for the bus, and I drove to work.

  The next day, my wife and I moved a lot at random. She leaned lightly on me. I smelled her fresh clothes. The wife is indeed old. How many days have I not seen her so close?Now, there are fine wrinkles on the smooth skin.

Why haven’t I noticed that my wife has wrinkles, or how long have I not noticed myself as a woman familiar with bones?

  On the third day, my wife attached to my ear and said to me, the flower pond in the yard has been dismantled. Be careful, don’t fall.

On the fourth day, when I picked up my wife in the bedroom, I had the illusion that we are still very close lovers, she is still my treasure, I am holding her with my heart, and all the imaginations about Luer have changedIf it doesn’t, get up.