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The world’s parents are rushing to the world, and they are rushing to get together, and they are going to squeeze out. The parents’ chains are up and down. They’re in the middle of the world. They’re going to be fooled.This is an economical board: a monkey, a monkey, an economy, an economy, an economy, an economy, an economy, an economy, an economy, a society, a country, a world, a world, a world, a world, a world, a world, a world, and a world.屽彧瑕佸仛鍑烘潵鐨勯搏楸硷紝鑲夊鍒哄皯锛岃€屼笖鍑犱箮鍚冧笉鍒扮粏灏忕殑鍒恒€傞叆椴奔鏉愭枡灏忛Brachia?陉 ★ Yu Xianfeng Fu Zhen?0 What is the difference?00 mammy?What is it? Read it? 氶 Read?50ML: What is it?50ML: Wow?00ML: What’s the difference?00 鍏 嬶 璣 欣 謐 裝 裝 50 鍏 嫔 咔 咉 团 蛢 Read?50ML: What is it?501銆佸皬椴奔鍘婚碁鍘婚硟锛屽墫寮€鑲氬瓙鍙栧嚭鍐呰剰锛屽幓闄よ倸瀛愰噷鐨勯粦鑶滐紝褰诲簳鏀舵嬀骞插噣锛屾礂鍑€娌ュ共姘翠唤2銆佸共娴峰甫缁撴场鍙戯紝鐢ㄦ按鍙嶅鍐叉礂锛屽幓闄ゆ矙瀛愶紝鐩磋嚦娲楀噣3銆 佸 ぇ 钁 卞 姢 ㄨ 懕 锏 介 儴 鍒 嗭 纴 鍒 囨 垚 娈 直 鍴 却 围 囦 蛱 袱 鍗?What is the difference between 4 and 4? If you want to do it, you will be able to do it, or if you want to do it, if you want to do it, if you want to do it, you won’t be able to do it.Lian?銆侀奔涔嬩笂鍐嶇爜涓€灞傛捣甯︾粨锛屽啀涓€灞傝懕锛屽啀灏忛搏楸硷紝鏈€鍚庝笂闈㈠啀鐮佷笂钁卞拰濮滅墖6銆佸叏鐮佸ソ鍚庯紝灏嗛閱嬶紝缁嶉厭锛岄叡娌癸紝鐧界硸鍊掑叆鐮傞攨涓紝閲忚鑳芥病杩囬奔7銆佸揩鐓紑鏃讹紝灏嗘诞娌拠骞插噣銆傜敤涓€涓渾鐩樺帇鍦ㄩ奔涓婏紝鍐嶇洊濂界爞閿呯洊锛屽井鐏剸4涓Cong?銆?Do you have any questions about it? Do you want to fix it? Do you have to fix it? Do you have to fix it?Sorry?銆佽嚜鐒跺喎鍗村悗鏀惧叆鍐扮锛岄殢鏃跺彇鐢ㄥ皬璇€绐?Are there any tricks between each other?銉 ‘negative 懹 纐 溴 Qi 楃 О 椴  摛?銆佽懕鐨勯噺涓€瀹氳澶?How about you?銆侀櫎浜嗗垰寮€濮嬫椂灏嗛攨鐑у紑,涔嬪悗闇€涓€鐩翠互鏋佸皬鐨勫井鐏參鎱㈢剸锛岀洿鐒栧埌鏈€鍚庨閰ヨ倝鐑傚嵈涓嶆暎4銆佹湰鑿滅敤璋冨懗鏂欏強钁便€佹捣甯︿腑鐨勬按鍒嗗皢楸兼參鎱㈢剸閰ワ紝涓嶉渶鍔犳按5銆佸姞涓€涓洏瀛愮洊浣忛奔锛屽啀鐩栫洊鏄娇鐮傞攨瀵嗛棴锛岄槻姝㈡按姘旀祦澶遍夯鑺遍叆椴奔鏉愭枡楹昏姳閰ラ搏楸兼槸瀹夊井鐨勫垱鏂拌彍鑲淬€傚彇楹昏姳鐨勯叆鑴嗭紝椴奔鐨勫共棣欐垚鑿滐紝杈e捀椴滅埥锛岃繃鍙i毦蹇橈紝鏄繁鍙楀叕浼楁杩庣殑鑿滆偞銆備富鏂欏噣椴奔杈呮枡鐐搁夯鑺辫皟鏂欒懕 濮?Xen?Are you tired of being a child, a girl, a girl, a girl, a girl, a girl, a girl, a girl?.What’s the matter? Aren’t you sorrowful? Aren’t you? Aren’t you afraid? Do you want to check? 雾 銆?.灏嗙偢楹昏姳涓嬫补閿呯倰杩囷紝瑁呯洏搴曪紝椴奔鏀瑰垁锛岃鐩樺嵆鍙€傛敞鎰忎簨椤?.鍑€椴奔鍏ョ儰绠辩儰鑷冲共棣欏嵆鍙彇鍑恒€?.Do you have a lot of ramifications and awards? Do you have a lot of trouble? Do you have a lot of trouble? Do you want to go back and forth?

[How to make chicken feet best]_ chicken feet _ how to make _ how to make

[How to make chicken feet best]_ chicken feet _ how to make _ how to make

Chicken feet are not very beautiful, but their nutritional value cannot be ignored. They are rich in protein, cholesterol and so on. Consuming them in moderation has great benefits to the human body.

There are many ways to eat chicken feet. Some red dates peanuts, chicken feet, peanuts and red dates soup are all good, and the taste is extremely delicious.

First, the practice of red dates and peanuts in chicken feet 1.

After cutting off the claws of the chicken feet, chop them into two sections and clean them for later use. Wash the red dates for later use, soak the peanuts in boiling water for about ten minutes, and slice the ginger for later use.

Add chicken feet, peanuts, red dates, and ginger slices to the inner pot of the autoclave 3.

Add water without ingredients 4.

Put it into the pressure cooker and press the “Boil Soup” button for 30 minutes.

After cooking, wait for the pressure of the pressure cooker to automatically release before opening the lid 5.

Add the right amount of salt and chicken essence to taste and eat healthy effects. Chicken feet: protein, peanut supplement: spleen, phlegm, lungs and red dates: soothe the nerves, nourish the spleen and stomach, assist in lowering blood lipids II, chicken paw peanut red date soup method 1.

Add frozen chicken feet to thaw in cold water 2.

Wash and soak the peanuts for 30 minutes 3.

Wash and soak red dates 4.

Wash the chicken feet and remove the nails, chop 5 in the middle.

Cut the onion ginger and set aside 6.

Open the wok water into the chicken feet, or add some ginger slices and cooking wine 7.

After mixing, rinse with cold water and add to casserole 8.

Then add the washed red dates, peanut rice, and onion ginger 9.

Add enough cold water to cover, put on a gas stove and simmer on medium heat for 10 hours.

After an hour, open the lid and add the appropriate amount of salt. Stew the white pepper for another 30 minutes. 11

Put it out of the pot and put it in a container. Add an appropriate amount of sesame oil according to your personal taste. Sprinkle onion flowers when you cook the soup. Add water once, without adding water. Health benefits

[Guotan toon tofu practice]_Guoya toon tofu home-made practices_Guotan toon tofu practice Daquan_Guotan toon tofu how to do

銆 撰 撉 沄 The girl’s crotch cans 懮 殑 餭 劶 銆 慱 阌 呭 唉 咫 啫 唫 冫 冫╛ 阌 呭  棣 欐 た Pu 呜 厫 pick up 庝 箞 锅?
涓嬮潰缁欏ぇ瀹朵粙缁嶉攨濉岄妞胯眴鑵愮殑鍋氭硶锛屽ぇ瀹剁湅瀹屼互鍚庤寰楄嚜宸卞仛涓€涓嬨€傚彧鏈夎嚜宸 卞 姩 Gai 咶 咴 咴 兘 瀛 瀛 ︿Fine pot 氲 彍 銆?.12鍑嗗鎵€闇€鏉愭枡2.21璞嗚厫娲楀噣鍚庡垏鎴愮墖鏀惧湪鐩樹腑锛屽潎鍖€鐨勬拻涓婄洂銆侀浮绮俱€佹枡閰掋€佽懕鑺憋紝鑵屽埗10What do you mean? Umbrellas and peaks ╄ 眴 霣 愭 洿 洏 ュ 懗.1 What’s the matter?  ソ 镄 勯  girl down and down  chain  鐢.2棣欐た娲楀噣鍚庢斁鍏ュ紑姘翠腑鐒儷涓€涓?.What’s the matter?.What are you going to do? Do you want to go?.閿呬腑鏀炬补鐑х儹锛岄€愬潡鐨勬斁鍏ヨ眴鑵?。Song of Songs and Songs and Readings?.I am afraid that I am afraid that I am afraid of being weak.10.Click on the button “Canister” and then click on the button. 11. Press 11. Click on the button below.揀 fear 叆 棣 欐 た 缈 荤 倰 12.鏈€鍚庡姞灏戣鐩愩€侀浮绮捐皟鍛筹紝娣嬪皯璁搁娌瑰嵆鍙嚭閿呯幇瀹炵敓娲讳腑锛屼細鍋氳彍鐨勭敺浜轰笉澶氥€備絾鏈変簡閿呭棣欐た璞嗚厫鐨勫畬鎴愭敾鐣ワ紝鐢峰+鏈嬪弸浠偗瀹氳兘鐙嚜鍋氬ソ銆傝€屽鏋滀綘鑳戒负蹇冪埍鐨勫ス鍋氬ソ杩欓亾鑿滐紝浣犱滑鐨勬劅鎯呭繀鐒跺緱鍒板墠鎵€鏈湁鐨勫崌鍗庛€?

Tunnel Shares (600820) 2018 Annual Report and 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: Steady Growth in Performance 19Q1 Orders Rebound

Tunnel Shares (600820) 2018 Annual Report and 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: Steady Growth in Performance 19Q1 Orders Rebound
2018 revenue +18.2%, net profit attributable to mother +9.3%, gross profit margin continued to increase.2019Q1 performance has steadily increased, and construction business orders have stabilized and rebounded.Taking into account the gradual recovery of infrastructure and the intensive approval of the recent rail transit plans in the relevant regions, and their sustainability is better, we maintain our 2019/20 EPS forecast (0.70/0.78 yuan), plus EPS forecast for 2021 is 0.86 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating. 2018 revenue +18.2%, net profit attributable to mother +9.3%, construction / design business achieved growth rate of +16.6% / + 26.8%.The company’s 2018 revenue was 372.700 million, +18 a year.2%; net profit attributable to mother 19.800 million, +9 per year.3%, corresponding to EPS 0.63 yuan, +8 for ten years.6%.In terms of business, construction / design / operation / mechanical processing revenue was 338/17.7/5.0/3.9 trillion, ten years +16.6% / + 26.8% /-0.4% /-3.1%.The company’s 2019Q1 revenue was 66.700 million, +13 in ten years.6%, net profit attributable to mother 4.2 ‰, +7 a year.34%.In 2019, the company’s target for revenue and net profit attributable to mothers will increase by 8% -10%. We believe that the beneficiary infrastructure is gradually picking up, and the intensive approval and recent continuity of the recent rail transit plans in the relevant regions are better, and the company’s performance is expected to maintain steady growth. Comprehensive gross profit margin +0.6pct to 12.6%, period expense ratio -1.1 to 7.9%, an additional increase leads to a net inflow of financing cash flow of 30.500 million.The company’s comprehensive gross profit margin in 2018 was 12.6%, +0 per year.6pcts, mainly due to the gross profit margin of the design services business, due to the rise in revenue share.The company’s comprehensive expense ratio is ten years -1.1 to 7.9%, sales / management / R & D / financial expenses supplement 0.1% / 3.twenty three.4% / 1.2%, about -0pct / -0.2pct / -0.7pct / + 0.3 points.The company accrued bad debts and impairment losses on available-for-sale financial assets of 57.17 million yuan (45.61 million yuan in the same period last year), which was mainly due to the accrual of 57.2 million bad debt losses.Net operating cash flow inflow 15.40,000 yuan (net inflow of 15 in the same period last year.300 million); net reduction in investment cash flow 41.60,000 yuan (net decrease of 18 in the same period last year.100 million US dollars, mainly due to increased investment in PPP projects and the reduction of equity transfer payments of BT companies; net cash flow from financing 30.5 ‰ (net decrease of 1 ‰ in the same period last year), mainly due to bond issuance and increased loans. The growth rate of construction orders in 2018 slowed down, and rail delivery orders were -37 for half a year.8%, municipal / building orders increased by 75% / 65.5%; New orders for construction orders in 2019Q1 pick up.In 2018, the company’s new chronic order was 58.9 billion yuan (ten years-9.74%), of which construction orders were 553.70,000 yuan (at least -12.0%); 2019Q1 company signed a new 112.60,000 yuan (ten years +9.5%), infrastructure recovery is gradually verified at the order side.Among the construction orders in 2018, Shanghai’s internal and external business was 198.200 million / 393.5 ‰, at least -4.9% / + 93.4%; underground / ground services are 323 respectively.700 million / 305.30,000 yuan (one year +79.2% / + 6.8%), domestic / overseas operations are 518 respectively.300 million / 35.500 million (year-12).4% /-4.8%); from the perspective of order types, rail transit / municipal / energy / road / housing / other businesses were 11.9 billion / 189.500 million / 48.200 million / 101.8 billion / 80.600 million / 14.600 million yuan (year-37.8% / + 75% /-6.5% /-49.5% / + 65.5% /-46.9%), municipal and real estate engineering orders increased rapidly.The 18-year new year’s single amount is 1 for long-term income.58 times, the 南京夜网论坛 company has ample orders in hand, major projects are making good progress, and new breakthroughs in the first quarter have steadily rebounded and the future performance is deterministic. The incentive mechanism is straightened out, and it is expected that the enthusiasm will be effectively mobilized.In December 2018, the company’s board of directors passed an incremental performance reward plan. After the net profit reaches the constraints in the three years from 2018 to 20, it will increase the incremental performance reward incentive object every year.Constraints include a net profit of 19 in 2018-20.60/21.30/23.00 ppm, a CAGR of 8 over the three years in 2017.3%, while setting targets for revenue and return on equity.According to our calculations, the maximum incremental performance rewards in 2018 may reach 15.85 million 夜来香体验网 yuan. Considering the coverage of the company’s main executives, the incentive is expected to effectively motivate the company. PPP risk factors: lower-than-expected risks of rail transit construction; PPP landing is less than expected. Investment proposal: 2018 revenue +18.2%, net profit attributable to mother +9.3%, gross profit margin continued to increase; performance in the first quarter of 2019 increased steadily, and construction business orders stabilized and rebounded.Taking into account the gradual recovery of infrastructure and the intensive approval of the recent rail transit plans in the relevant regions, and their sustainability is better, we maintain our 2019/20 EPS forecast (0.70/0.78 yuan), plus EPS forecast for 2021 is 0.86 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

Agricultural Bank (601288) Semi-annual Report Comment: Asset Quality Continues to Improve and Financial Management Scale Expands Faster

Agricultural Bank (601288) Semi-annual Report Comment: Asset Quality Continues to Improve and Financial Management Scale Expands Faster

Event: On August 30, Agricultural Bank disclosed the 19-year interim report.

Revenue 3231.

8 billion, a year-on-year increase of +5.

5%; profit before provision 2192.

9 billion, a year-on-year increase of +6.

0%; net profit attributable to mother is 1214.

5 billion, a year-on-year 佛山桑拿网 increase of +4.

9%; ROE is 14.

57% (annualization); NPL ratio 1.

43%, -16BP earlier, provision coverage ratio of 280.


  Opinion: Net profit growth has picked up slightly, net interest margin and ROE have seen downward revenue and PPOP growth has improved.

1H19 revenue was 3231.

8 billion, a year-on-year increase of +5.


NBC’s 16-year negative revenue growth (YoY -5.

6%), and after poor liquidation and business adjustments, it went through the 5% step in 17 years and the 10% step in 18 years. In 1H19, the growth of net interest income weakened and it fell back to the 5% step.

1H19 net interest income was 2376.

3 billion, a year-on-year increase of +1.

6% (This is IFRS 9 adjusted. If other non-interest income is added back, YoY is 3.

7%, still weak).

Profit before provision was 2192.

9 billion, a year-on-year increase of +6.

0%; as the provisioning effort was reduced in the first half of the year, 4 was still guaranteed.

9% increase in net profit attributable to mothers.

Net interest margin fell.

1H19 ABC’s net interest margin was 2.

16%, about -19BP, -17BP earlier than 18 years.

Mainly due to the upward average of the deposit interest rate (1H19 deposit interest rate 1).

60%, the earlier 18 years anniversary up 21BP).

  Annualized ROE for two years -2.

15 pct to 14.

57%, also because the growth rate of net interest income fell.

  Asset-side expansion has been rapid, deposit growth has steadily increased, and both loan and investment growth have been higher.

19H1 loan 12.

99 trillion, a year-on-year increase of +13.

3%, investment amount 7.

290 billion, a year-on-year increase of +13.4%.

Among them, the resistance to loan placement speed, 19H1 earlier +8.

8%, investment +5.


  From a breakthrough point of view, corporate loans7.

06 trillion, +544.3 billion compared with the beginning of the year, and personal loans5.

09 trillion, +423.8 billion from the beginning of the year.

The growth rate of individual loans has remained stable at a relatively high level, and has not been reduced by 15% since 16 years.

1H19 surplus 5.

09 trillion, a year-on-year increase of +17.

1%, basically the same growth rate as 1Q19, and the pace of retail transformation is firm.

  In terms of incremental structure, housing loans accounted for 63%, personal business loans + rural household loans accounted for 19%, and credit cards accounted for 18%.

  The speed of credit card issuance has increased, increasing by 74 billion yuan in 1H19, an increase of more than 46.5 billion yuan.

Deposit growth has steadily increased.

19H1 deposit balance 18.

53 trillion, a year-on-year increase of +9.

4%, an increase of 4 over the same period of 18 years.

2 pct.

  Of which demand deposit YoY +7.

4%, time deposits increased by +4 year-on-year.


18-year time deposits increased by 1.

9%, while the increase in the first half of 19 was 7.

1%, partly caused the upward pressure cracks on the deposit interest rate.

  Asset quality continued to improve, and the scale of wealth management expanded rapidly. Asset quality was still in the trend of continuous improvement.

Poor implantation at the end of 19H1.

43%, earlier -16BP, significantly improved.

Attention rate / overdue rate / overdue 90+ ratio is 2.

42%, 1.

49%, 0.

94%, earlier -31BP / -20BP / -10BP, the potential risk is also better mitigated.

Provision coverage was 280.

0%, +27 pct earlier.

The loan-to-loan ratio decreased by 15BP to 5.

10%, the provisioning strength has declined.

The scale of financial management expanded rapidly.

Agricultural Bank of China’s non-guaranteed wealth management scale in 19H1 increased by 129.6 billion to 1.

54 trillion, an increase higher than the other five major banks.
Products complying with the new regulations are mainly based on recognized management fees, so the dependence on the scale of wealth management in the future will increase.

The rapid expansion has reflected better customer recognition of its products, and it can also provide a better basis for middle income.
  Investment suggestion: The growth rate of net profit has picked up slightly, asset quality has continued to improve, asset quality has continued to improve, retail transformation has developed significantly, and wealth management has expanded rapidly.

The original forecast for 19-21 is a net profit growth of 4.

6% / 5.

1% / 5.

5%, the current forecast is lowered to 4 due to the promotion of LPR to gradually increase the marketization of loan interest 都市夜网 rates or narrow the interest rate differential.

5% / 4.

twenty four.

0%, the corresponding EPS is 0.



66 yuan, the target price is 19 times PB, and the target price is 4.

97 yuan / share, maintain BUY rating.

  Risk reminder: The advancement of interest rate marketization will continue to narrow the interest margin; policy tightening will exacerbate the “asset shortage”.

Ambassador Cui Tiankai accepts open letter from American Jewish organizations

Ambassador Cui Tiankai accepts open letter from American Jewish organizations
Cui Tiankai Meets with Chairman of the United States Jewish Public Affairs Commission David Bernstein (Photo by Zhang Mengxu), People’s Daily Online, Washington, February 27 (Reporter Zhang Mengxu) On February 26, Ambassador Cui Tiankai should meet with the Chairman of the JCPAKey leaders of American Jewish organizations such as David Bernstein.Bo and his party forwarded an open letter jointly issued by 87 American Jewish organizations including the JCPA, the Jewish Society Association (JCRC), the American Jewish Council (AJC), and other solidarity in support of the Chinese people and Chinese Americans affected by the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic.Anti-Chinese sentiment rises to express concern, opposes racial discrimination and insults to China.Ambassador Cui first thanked the JCPA and other American Jewish organizations for their firm support and kind condolences to the Chinese people in fighting the epidemic, and pointed out that the Chinese and 苏州夜网论坛 Jewish peoples have supported each other in history and have experienced hardships and hardships, but have never yielded or been crushed.No matter how difficult it is to rejuvenate the nation, the Chinese nation can grow up and develop better every time.The Jews have made outstanding contributions to the development of world science, technology, and human well-being.The Chinese people appreciate and respect the hard work and wisdom of the Jews, and welcome more Jewish organizations to visit China after the epidemic has ended, and further increase mutual understanding between the two nations.Ambassador Cui also introduced the prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. He said that under the strong leadership of President Xi Jinping, China mobilized nationwide and went all out to carry out epidemic prevention and 青岛夜网 control.At present, the developing countries are developing in a positive direction, but China will never relax, and will redouble its efforts to overcome the epidemic, and actively resume production and resume work to restore the normal economic and social structure at an early date.At the same time, personnel exchanges between China and the United States have been gradually interrupted by the impact of the epidemic. I hope that the relationship will be improved. The cultural exchanges and cooperation between the two sides can return to normal as soon as possible. Because of people-to-people friendship, exchanges and cooperation are the foundation of Sino-US relations.Ambassador Cui said that the epidemic once again shows that the common challenges facing human society are increasing, and it also highlights the need for countries around the world to jointly build a community of shared future for mankind and cope with the challenges.In the face of the epidemic, we need to unite as one, caring for each other, and working together, and we can undo any form of discrimination.Bernstein said that China is currently suffering from the extreme new crown pneumonia epidemic.This open letter is meant to express our solidarity with the Chinese people and Chinese Americans.As far as I remember, this is the first joint writing of American Jewish orthodox, conservative, reformed, and reconstructed denominations, which fully shows the support of the Jewish people and Jews in the United States to the Chinese people and Chinese Americans.We will always remember the tremendous efforts China made to protect the Jewish nation during World War II.The values of the two nations are similar, they understand each other and help each other.Now, at a time when the Chinese people are having a hard time, some racial discrimination in American society is sad.Each of us has a responsibility to “welcome outsiders”. In the face of an epidemic, we must resolutely oppose racial discrimination and xenophobia.Any discrimination against this race is a challenge to all humankind and cannot be accepted.As long as we support and help each other, we will certainly be able to weather the crisis.Ambassador Cui also accepted media interviews, saying that the epidemic once again proved that countries, especially China and the United States, should cooperate in such fields as global public health.We must completely abandon racial discrimination and ideological prejudice, and safeguard the common interests of all mankind.This also proves that China’s claim to establish a community of shared future for mankind is very correct and meets the needs of the times.We should not be led in the wrong direction by the bad words of some people in the United States. We should see more of the American people as being kind and willing to develop friendly relations with the Chinese people and cooperate to meet global challenges.And real opinion.We thank the American people and all walks of life for their understanding, sympathy, and support for China in the fight against the epidemic.The common aspirations of the two peoples are friendship, cooperation, and win-win. People who advocate “decoupling” and “new cold war” will violate the people’s intentions and will inevitably fail.[1][2][3]

Women’s beauty and freckle medicated diet

Women’s beauty and freckle medicated diet

Click to buy the long-term clinical practice of Yijing, recognizing that the occurrence of melasma is related to liver and kidney yin deficiency, liver stagnation and qi stagnation, and heart and spleen disorders.Foods containing vitamins and trace elements make medicated diet.

Medicinal diet is a good way to “combine medicine with food”. It is based on the “same source of medicine and food” and is a great initiative of the Chinese nation.

  Ingredients of Yangyan Xiaoban Soup: 30 grams of lily, 10 grams of white peony, 10 grams of fragrant aconite, 20 grams of white peony, 20 grams of glutinous rice, 50 ml of honey.

Method: Lily, Bai Zhi, Xiang Fu, Bai Zhi, glutinous rice and other five flavors, add 500 ml of water, cook and extract 200 ml of juice; add water to cook, and take 200 ml of juice.

Mix and stir the juice twice, add honey and mix well.

  Function: Nourish the skin, remove wind and dampness.

This meal uses white lotus root, softening the liver and converging the liver; incense sticks, relieving the liver and qi; white lotus root, removing wind and nourishing the face; lily, nourishing the lungs and nourishing the yin; glutinous rice, and nourishing the skin; with honey, it can moisturize the intestines and smooth the skin.

Therefore, the meal can quench the chloasma.

Loofah drink ingredients: 10 grams of loofah, 10 grams of white poria, 10 grams of white silkworm, 10 grams of white chrysanthemum, 10 grams of mother-of-pearl, 3 grams of roses, 10 grams of red dates.

  Method: Put the seven flavor medicines, wrap them with gauze, add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, fry twice, take 2 bowls of juice, drink 1 bowl each in the morning and evening, or replace the tea frequently.

  Function: Spleen Qufeng, Yue Yan freckle.

Loofah, clearing heat and clearing collaterals, and Zhongshugan for this meal; white Poria, refreshing spleen, dampening dampness; white chrysanthemum, clearing heat and relieving wind, nourishing the liver and delighting the face; mother-of-pearl, pingganningxin, clearing heat and detoxifyingRoses, sparse liver and qi, nourishing and beauty; white silkworm, clearing away heat and dispelling wind, reconciling Yingwei; red dates, spleen and medium, moisturizing skin.

Eight Tips on TCM Health Preservation Theory

Eight Tips on TCM Health Preservation Theory

Health and longevity are things we all want.

The study of health care in the motherland medicine has a long history. Starting from the “Huang Di Nei Jing” two years ago, there have been many doctors, Taoists, and Buddhists who have carried out detailed and profound excavations and transformations of health care methods, and gradually formedA systematic theory of TCM health.

To sum up, there are contradictory tips: First, please your emotions: People want a healthy and long life, and emotional regulation is an important condition.

Tao Hongjing put forward in “Health and Life Extension Record”: “The way to maintain health, there is great sorrow and sorrow. This so-called can neutralize, and can substitute for longevity.

“Second, abstinence from selfish desires: keep your body healthy and be quiet, and keep your body in a state of being alone and thinking about everything. It also requires people to have a noble sentiment and a clear mind.

Sun Simiao said, “People who don’t end their lives, or those who cause them, will not cherish their love, do their best, and invite fame and fortune.

“Therefore, those who are good at health” don’t absorb what they want “,” no delusions in their hearts “,” wherever they go, don’t ask repeatedly “,” if you want to talk about good things, don’t want to think about money first.

“Three, distant room: refers to the abstinence of sexual life.

Human growth and development depend on kidney essence. Renal essence filling is endless, and human vitality and disease resistance are strong.

If you want to protect the kidney essence, you must control your sexual desire. If you are greedy and you are indulgent, it will inevitably damage your body and life.

  Four, Four Seasons: People live in nature, and conforming to the seasonal climate is an important part of health science.

“Lü’s Spring and Autumn” said: “Elderly people who have a long life can not only be short-lived but also continue to do so.

The so-called harmful refers to the unusual climate and the unusual climates of cold, heat, dryness, and humidity, which are called “six sex expressions” by Chinese medicine.

  V. Diet: The spleen and stomach are the basis of the day after tomorrow. Insufficient diet will hurt the spleen and stomach, which will lead to sickness and premature aging.

The dangers of the “Inner Canon” to incontinence of diet include “being born of the yin, the essence of the five flavors”, “the diet is doubled, and the stomach is hurting”.Bad . “and so on.

Sun En’s supplementation of dietary bogey is more comprehensive and scientific. In addition to common sense such as “do not overeat, eat less”, “changyi warm food”, “changyi light and sweet things” and other common sense,Eating methods and dietary hygiene are described in detail, such as “food should be cooked and chewed, and raw food should not be swallowed”, “do not eat big words”, “each hand rubs the face and belly”, “don’t eat lettuce, raw rice, adzuki beans,”Stale smell, don’t drink muddy wine”, “Must not eat raw sticky slippery and so on” and so on, this has a positive and important significance for avoiding damage to the spleen and stomach, preventing food poisoning, preventing infectious diseases, and even eliminating diseases for extended periods.

  Six, regular exercise: People are organic whole, regular exercise is expected to make full and healthy.

As early as the Han Dynasty, Hua Tuo advocated physical exercise to prevent illness.

He pointed out: “The human body desires to work, and when it shakes, it loses its vitality, its blood flow circulates, and it is impossible to get sick.

“In the” Thousands of Gold Recipes “, Sun Simiao also said:” The way to cultivate nature, often want to work a little “,” the physical desire to work often, but not multi-polar “, remind people to often exercise muscles and bones to eliminate illness and prolong life.

  Seven, temperament: refers to healthy and longevity, should support themselves according to the law of age.

Sun Sizhen analyzed the elderly and said, “A person with a life of more than 50 years, the sun is dying and the sun is getting worse.

The mental strength is gradually fading, forgetting the past, and being inert with home and leisure, and disappointing.

Audiovisual instability, more retreats and less advances, different days and months, everything is scattered, boring, forgetful, angry, and temperamental.

“Tell us that when people enter old age, there will be a series of physiological and morphological changes. We must take care of them, be considerate of the elderly, and adjust to their temperament so that they can enjoy the best of life.

  Eight, taking medicated meals: life is alive, endowments are different, and conditions are ruthless, which will inevitably hurt people.

Therefore, taking medicated diet is also one of the contents of health science.

The ancients took medicated diets to prevent and treat diseases, and to maintain health and prolong life, and formulated many medicated diets and prescriptions to prolong life.

However, health care can not only rely on medicated diet, otherwise, “Although often taking medicated diet without knowing the technique of nourishing, it is also difficult to grow a long life”, “concentrating Yuye Jindan instead of extending life.

Stupid behavior in the workplace

Stupid behavior in the workplace

No one can guarantee that even a smart person will not be confused. Even when Zhuge Liang makes a wrong decision, not to mention ordinary us, occasionally there are some things that seem to be stupid.

However, if you are in the workplace, then please be careful, because sometimes the mistake is a professional “suicide” behavior.

  The workplace is a life experience. It takes 3 to 15 months to find a suitable job-and it only takes a few days or weeks to lose a job.

  1. I always feel that I am not good enough. Although such people are smart and experienced, once they are promoted, they have no confidence and feel incompetent.

In addition, he does not have the ambition to climb up, and always feels that his position is already too high, maybe one or two levels lower may be more suitable.

  This self-destructive and self-limiting behavior is sometimes unconscious.

However, as a senior executive in an enterprise, such unconscious behavior can cause a large price for the enterprise.

  In a modern society with more and more outstanding interpersonal interaction and interaction, it seems more and more impossible to open up a new living space based on your own ability, or just do your own job, to stand out and succeed.

The only way is to bravely follow out and implement your own ideas and ideas, safeguard your dignity and rights, and then do everything possible to affect colleagues, supervisors, subordinates or customers, use their words and actions to move them and form an interactionCollective self-confidence.

  2. The world is black or white when looking at the world like black or white.

They believe that everything should be judged objectively like a test with standard answers.

They always feel that they are defending faith and adhering to principles.

However, these principles may be completely ignored by others.

As a result, such people are always fighting alone and often defeated.

3, the endless pursuit of excellence This kind of person requires himself to be a hero, and also strictly requires others to reach his standard.

At work, they asked themselves and their subordinates to “more, restart, better.”

As a result, the subordinates were exhausted and “jumped for survival”, and those who remained were even more tired.

As a result, the turnover rate is steadily increasing, causing a burden on enterprises.

  This kind of person is suitable for independent work. If he is a supervisor, he must hire a special person. When he asks his subordinates too much, he boldly reminds him.

  4. Avoiding conflicts unconditionally. Such people generally avoid conflicts at all costs.

In fact, different opinions and conflicts can stimulate vitality and creativity.

A supervisor who originally argued for the subordinate’s reasoning may be looked down upon by the subordinate or other departments in order to avoid the conflict.

In order to maintain peace, they suppress their feelings, and as a result, they seriously lack the ability to face and resolve conflicts.

In the end, this inability to resolve conflicts spread to marriage, parent-child, brotherhood, and friendship.

  5, arbitrarily suppress the opponents. They are tough and ruthless, just like a bulldozer. Anyone who blocks the way will be leveled, because the rampage is too aggressive, and they do not know the detour skills, which may hurt theirCareer.

  6. Naturally like to attract people’s attention. This kind of person strives for some kind of ideal.

In a stable society or business, they always take a stand quickly and feel that compromise is humiliation. If no one pays attention to them, they will become worse until someone pays attention.

  7, overconfidence, eager to succeed This kind of person is overconfident and eager to succeed.

They are unrealistic, and when they are looking for work, they are not the leading companies to avoid talking, otherwise they will stand on their own.

When working in large companies, most of them volunteered and demanded to be responsible for work beyond their capabilities.

As a result, the mission was not fulfilled, and he would not stop swinging the stick. Instead, he wanted to use higher achievements to make up for the previous promise, and the result became a general defeat.

  This kind of person is mainly lack of psychological affirmation, and must find the psychological roots in order to stop constantly wanting to swing.

In addition, you must also force yourself to “do nothing, do nothing.”

  8. Being tied up by difficulties, they are typical pessimists and they like to worry about others.

Before taking action, he would imagine every possible outcome and be worried.

Such persons act as supervisors and will be delayed if they are in trouble.

Because he was too concerned about the sense of shame, and even worried that his subordinates would be in a state of embarrassment.

  Such people must train themselves, and when they think of anything, they must control the fear in their hearts and make themselves more and more mobile.The most effective way to survive in the workplace!

  9, negligence, such a person does not understand human nature at all, it is difficult to understand the emotions of fear, love, anger, greed and compassion.

When they talk on the phone, they usually do n’t even say hello, go straight to the topic, and lack the ability to compare hearts to hearts. They want to exclude emotional factors from the decision-making process.

  This kind of person must do an “emotion audit” for themselves and understand that they are more sensitive to certain feelings; ask friends or colleagues if they find that you ignore the feelings of others, collect actual cases of their behavior patterns, re-execute the entire situation, and changebehavior.

  10. Some people who can’t control their mouths often don’t know that some topics can be talked to in public, and some content can only be said in private.

These people are usually good people and have no intentions, but in organizations that pay attention to the organization level, such uncontrollable people will only kill their careers.

They must at all times set up warning signs for themselves to remind themselves of what they can say and what they cannot say.

What kind of MM is best to find a job . 11, is my path right?

  Such people always feel that they have lost their career direction.

“Is it the right path?

“They always doubt it.

They feel that their role is optional, can’t keep up with others, and has no sense of belonging.

  12. People who don’t know how to pretend to work, like to say, “These jobs are really boring.

“But what they really felt was,” I can’t do any work well. ”

“They want to be successful at a young age, but they don’t like studying, asking for help, or asking for advice, because they will be considered” incompetent “, so they have to pretend to understand.

Moreover, their demands for perfection were severely delayed, resulting in severe work paralysis.

What factors affect employee psychology

What factors affect employee psychology

The competition that has completely transformed society is becoming increasingly fierce, and employees’ mental health problems have gradually surfaced.

The outbreak of the financial crisis inevitably exacerbates the burden on people’s mental health, and various psychological problems continue to appear, which seriously threatens people’s normal lives.

So what are the factors that threaten the mental health of employees, and what problems might arise with their psychology?

  1. Material cannot meet the psychological needs through the improvement of living standards, and people’s requirements for material are becoming higher and higher.

But the contradiction between one’s material needs and one’s own ability is that psychological problems are prone to occur.

At the same time, in order to pursue more economic benefits, many people are working hard.

Long-term high-intensity working conditions have made people’s moods worse and worse, and they don’t say anything, and it is not pleasing to the eye.

Even the increase in wages will not make them feel happy. On the contrary, after adding wages to the work pressure coefficient, pure material rewards can no longer meet their spiritual needs.

  2. Depression in the workplace According to relevant statistics, the first of the most common problems in the mental health of employees in the domestic workplace is depression, which is a very common and most serious occupational mental health problem in the workplace.

People who have depression in the workplace can be affected physically, emotionally, thinking and behaviorally.

Compared with normal people, people with depression tend to have memory, attention disorders, and serious loss of work interest.

If this depression is not regulated and intervened in prevention, it is very likely to develop into a mental illness that seriously affects the mental health of employees-depression.

  3. Occupational burnout When the initial freshness and challenges stimulate the past, work gradually enters the normal state, and every workplace person will have more or less workplace burnout psychology, which is another important aspect that affects the mental health of employees.

There are many reasons for the burnout mentality: when employees’ evaluation of their personal value is inconsistent with the work obtained in reality, psychological distortions will occur; at the same time, due to the lack of rational personal career development planning,Positions that do not show their personal expertise and enthusiasm may also lead to the emergence of burnout; further, some employees in order to gain money and fame, or to overdraw their physical health for achievement, etc., will cause different levels of burnout psychology.

In addition to the two factors mentioned above, the exceptions of work, life, and social roles, conflicts with senior leaders at work, and the influence of corporate cultural factors and work and office environments will also affect the mental health of employees.

  Most employees don’t show their mental illness. They seem to be active at work, but their inner psychological hazards may not even be known to them.

Therefore, as an enterprise, attention should be paid to the psychological health of employees, and employees should also pay attention to resolving bad emotions in a timely manner.

Any dissatisfaction or problems should be communicated with relevant departments in a timely manner to avoid psychological illness caused by depression and even endanger life safety.